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Commercial LED Lighting Replacement Parts


So, you made the change to LED several years ago and you’re looking for a replacement part but don’t know where to start… we can help. Similar to a car, you can’t necessarily put a Chevy part in a Ford vehicle or vice versa. Replacement parts aren’t always easy. Through years of experience, our lighting specialists know the best approach to replacement parts and when an alternative solution is best.


Bulb Replacement

Whether you are replenishing your light bulb supply or updating to new technology, we can help. From those hard to find specialty bulbs to finding the LED equivalent, email us your lamp list or give us a call for assistance. When it comes to light bulbs, we can typically reference the part number on the bulb to find your solution but it’s always a good idea to have a photo of your product to send to our specialist, if needed. For more information about replacing LEDs, call 301-603-3681 or email our team here.


LED Fixture Replacement Parts

LED fixture replacement parts can be a little bit trickier to find which is where we come into play. Why spend endless hours finding the correct replacement when you can call us to research it for you? While LED drivers are the most popular request, other replacement parts for your LED fixture might include:

  • Driver
  • Module (or Panel)
  • Diode
  • Lens

What is an LED driver?

LED lights operate through the use of LED drivers, which do exactly what you might think – drive power to one or more bulbs. The driver acts as an electrical current management system. Since LEDs don’t require much power, the driver works to convert AC (alternating current) into DC (direct current). It also works to protect your LEDs from power surges or other factors which might cause overheating.


As always, it’s helpful if you have a photograph of the replacement part and the manufacturer name and part number. Our representative will work with and recommend the best option for your situation.



Lighting Product Warranties

It’s always of importance to notice the type of warranty that comes with your LED fixture. Many reputable manufacturers offer a free, no hassle warranty with their product. For example, Bay Lighting vendor RAB offers a 5-year no hassle warranty. On the off chance the RAB fixture’s driver were to fail within the 5-year window, RAB would replace the entire fixture. Reputable products backed by an extended no-hassle warranty are our preferred vendors. As you can see, it’s important to ask about your product’s warranty before purchasing.


Future of Replacement Parts

Tunable drivers are the way of the future when it comes to replacement parts. Companies like Universal and Advance offer a “tunable driver” solution. Tunable technology is meant to be more flexible and allow a user to adjust the color, intensity and more. The end goal is to also create a driver that works with a variety of manufacturers and hone in on the specifications needed for your fixture.


Longer warranties continue to be a trend. With the longer warranties, a manufacturer will replace the entire fixture as opposed to one part.


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Replacement Parts with Bay Lighting

Replacing or updating light fixture parts can be an overwhelming task. Through our knowledge and experience, we can help you find the best solution in lighting. For more information about our LED replacement parts, contact a team member today.


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