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Turn-Key Lighting Solutions for Multi-Family Housing

Best lighting practices produce a better outcome for management and tenants
Lighting at multi-family properties is important to both residents that live at the complex and those that manage the property. Modern LED lighting with proper illumination is important from a safety and operational stand-point.
When deciding where to live, prospective residents would much rather invest in a home where management maintains a beautiful shared property free of flickering, discolored, or non-functioning lights. Poor lighting can quickly leave a negative impression. Property managers will be happy to save on energy and maintenance with long-lasting LED which will help improve a property’s bottom line and be a great selling point to prospective tenants.

Types of Multi-Family Properties

The different types of multi-family properties have many similarities but when it comes to lighting, each type has a few unique qualities that need to be considered.

Beginning Your Lighting Project

Your lighting specialist’s main goal is to deliver the correct lighting for your application. As a first step, we will always recommend starting with the area that may pose the highest safety risk. Secondly, we will analyze energy and maintenance savings to uncover the best option, allowing your property to begin saving for your next lighting project right away. Your lighting specialist will navigate through this process with you to determine the best place to get started. Popular multi-family turn-key lighting projects include:



Hallways, Stairwells, Lobbies, Storage and Laundry Rooms


Lighting, Alarms, Fans, Medicine Cabinets


Walkways, Entrances, Parking Areas


Fitness Center, Dining Rooms, Lounges

Discover Your Savings Now!

Use the payback calculator below to unlock potential savings on your electricity bill. See how much Bay Lighting can help your commercial property save through energy efficiency and LED lighting. Your investment could pay for itself in little to no time!
Wattage Per
Original Bulb
Wattage Per
Replacement Bulb
Energy Cost
($ per kWh)
Number Of
Bulbs Replaced
Hours Per Day
The Lights Are On
Days Per Year
The Lights Are On
Initial Project Upgrade Cost
(without commas, dollar signs)

Your Results

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*Results are an estimation based on your input.

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Multi-Family Specialty Offerings

Bay Lighting will work with you on anything from tenant retrofits, to turn key projects, to re-supply and recycling. From common areas to exterior lighting, stairwells to unit renovations, and everything in between, our lighting specialists are here to support you and your property.

To enhance our multi-family product offerings, we also have a few specialty products that fit our customers’ needs in addition to LED lighting. Talk to your lighting specialist about the following products:

  • 10-Year Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
  • Ceiling Fans
  • Medicine Cabinets

Begin Your Project With Bay Lighting



What do you want to achieve? What problem do you want solved?



We’ll complete the rebate process with your utility company, saving you hours of administrative work.

LED A Light Bulb


Our lighting specialist will help determine the best products for your application.


Energy Savings

Ask us to complete your energy audit and save!



Retrofit, re-lamp, replace, or repair. Maintenance and bucket truck services are also available.



Ask us about recycling your old lamps, ballasts, and batteries.

What Our Clients Are Saying

We used to have to change the fluorescent bulbs weekly which required getting out the lift, in addition to coordinating times with security so we didn’t set off any alarms. Since converting to LED, we haven’t had to replace any LED lamps which helps save on manpower and pays for itself.
Rob, Smithsonian Institution
What we appreciated most, besides your excellent service and prices, was the ease of installation and the quick return on investment due to the PEPCO rebate. We also love the brightness and light consistency in our garage now. Also since LEDs are not affected by temperature like fluorescent we will have a much brighter garage in the winter months. We estimate payback in 1 ½ months.
Alex, JBG Smith
Last year our hotel in Annapolis participated the BGE Instant Lighting Discount Program. It was as simple as purchasing $1 LED bulbs and observing the benefits. The LED A lamps were noticed right away by our customers, offering instant and superior illumination. With the task of changing light bulbs eliminated, our staff now has time to perform other needed tasks. The energy savings has been off the charts and our investment paid for itself in less than a few months. I would highly recommend this to any facility.
SpringHill, Suites in Annapolis
Bay Lighting understands multi-family lighting. They have been instrumental in giving us a competitive edge with our unit renovations. They are committed to providing innovative lighting solutions.
Polinger Shannon & Luchs
We have a large inventory of buildings that require a wide variety of lamps and ballasts. We turn to Bay Lighting for next day delivery of quality lighting products. They offer names we trust at prices that suit our budget.
The Architect of the Capitol
A well lit parking lot is critical to business. When we have outages, we need immediate resolution. Bay Lighting’s quick turnaround and skilled staff keep our exterior lighting in top condition. We have the brightest lot at the airport.
EconoPark Express


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March 7, 2023
Emergency lights typically have a battery back-up that will operate the light in the event the power goes out, regardless of if there’s a generator for back-up power. Exit signs can and should also have a battery, especially if the building doesn’t have generator. Often during fire department inspections, they check that your emergency lights are operational, both with and without power. Emergency lights must be kept properly maintained to meet all federal and state requirements, so when installing new ones or updating old ones, should you just change the battery or replace the entire fixture?
February 4, 2023
There are many building codes, electrical codes, and emergency standards outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), International Building Code (IBC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), state and local regulations, and others that provide lighting guidelines and requirements for commercial and similar properties. These include for interior lighting, exterior lighting, and emergency lighting.


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