Commercial Lighting Installation

We have more than 70 years of combined lighting and electrical experience. This enables us to offer customers a complete package. Lighting installation is part of our turn-key service. Our licensed electricians can handle projects of all sizes. We work with everything, from complete design builds to retrofitting LED fixtures. We have installed lighting systems for commercial facilities and multi-family residential property management companies throughout Maryland, Northern Virginia, and Washington, DC.

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A lift being used for commercial lighting installation

Typical Lighting Installation Projects

No two lighting installation projects are alike. Each facility has its own unique needs. However, they generally all have one thing in common: lighting. In fact, there are so many options when it comes to lighting, our installation projects are varied. Our jobs start with a design consultation. We work with you to develop and install a system tailored to your facility. Typical lighting installation projects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Retrofit – This process includes using existing technology while also upgrading to new, energy efficient solutions. Retrofitting can reduce energy consumption significantly.
  • System Upgrades – We update the entire system in your facility with energy efficient lighting equipment. We update fixtures, wiring, lighting controls, and so much more.
  • Lighting Control Systems – If the goal is modernization, an entire system rehaul with occupancy sensors, dimming systems, and more, can lead to instant energy savings and create the “wow” factor to impress customers and guests.

LRC LED recessed canopy by McGraw Edison

Why Install With Us?

Professional lighting installation is key to long-term performance. Bay Lighting guarantees professionalism and commercial lighting expertise. Our strengths include:

  • Commercial lighting expertise – While other electricians might know generators and site work, we certainly know lighting. We know everything about it. That’s what we do! We have experience in commercial lighting installation for a range of industries. We also serve government agencies, retail locations, hospitality facilities, multi-family housing, and health care organizations.
  • Investment from the start – Our team is invested from start to finish. We hold ourselves accountable. If there are hiccups along the way, we  resolve them fast. We won’t rest until you are satisfied.
  • Timing – We do our best not to inconvenience you or your customers. We will plan our installation calendar around your schedule. We will also do any prep work off-site. This way, we offer a streamlined process.
  • Considering everything – We call it the Bay Lighting difference. We are proud of our products and services, and always go the extra mile. Caulking every exterior fixture to prevent water damage, as well as mounting our fixtures on swivels to ensure consistency, are just two examples of what separates us from the competition.

Installation Case Study

In an attempt to improve lighting after a failed installation by another vendor, customer Bozzuto contacted Bay Lighting.
They needed a premier lighting solution for the garage at Regent’s Park. The previous installer was focused on converting to LED, but didn’t plan a complete solution. This left management with a project that wasn’t properly illuminated, as well as added safety concerns.


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August 29, 2022
In April, the Department of Energy finalized two rules requiring manufactures to sell energy-efficient lightbulbs. This means older, inefficient lightbulbs that don’t meet the new standards can no longer be manufactured and sold. The primary purposes for these rules are to drive down electricity use, save consumers money, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
July 15, 2022
It’s estimated that schools spend billions of dollars annually on energy, and it’s often the second-highest operating expenditure (following personnel costs). Each year, these expenses continue to increase while budgets often decrease, leading educators to look for ways to save money throughout the year. One way is by making some lighting updates that are more energy efficient, therefore saving money on energy bills. LED uses up to 75% less energy than conventional lighting systems, which keeps dollars in your budget for other important things.


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