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Having a clear understanding of the pole base anchor bolt configuration is crucial in accurately determining the bolt circle calculation specifically for light poles. When it comes to light poles, it is common to encounter square-shaped poles with anchor bolts positioned at each corner. However, there are instances where the presence of an existing pole complicates the measurement of the diagonal distance from one corner to another. In such situations, obtaining precise measurements for calculating the bolt circle becomes challenging.

To address this issue and simplify the process, we offer a user-friendly and efficient bolt circle calculator. Our calculator is specifically designed to assist you in accurately determining the bolt circle for square 4-bolt patterns commonly found in light pole installations. With this tool, the only measurement required is the space between the bolts, eliminating the need for complex diagonal measurements.

By utilizing our bolt circle calculator, you can conveniently input the measurement of the distance between the bolts. The calculator will then generate the precise bolt circle calculation, ensuring accuracy and saving you valuable time. Whether you are involved in the installation of new light poles or making modifications to existing ones, our calculator streamlines the process and enhances your productivity.


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Light pole bolt circle calculator image on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website
Bolt drawing on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Bolt Circle Calculator

This calculator is for use with square 4-bolt patterns.
Measure center of one bolt to the center of an adjacent bolt and enter your value.
Distance Between Bolts (inches)
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* This calculator is for estimating only. Bay Lighting is not responsible for errors.
Bolt drawing on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website


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