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Venue Lighting

Lighting at public venues comes in all shapes and sizes. When it comes to venues, typically there is a need to do business with several lighting specialists – for daily operational lighting and for specialty lighting to highlight the main attraction. At Bay Lighting, we partner with property managers and owners to maintain daily lighting at off-field applications. These areas include high traffic areas visited by players, staff, and guests – concession stands, restrooms, and corridors for example. All constituents should feel safe and secure while attending events, day and night. The ability to clearly see is essential. Examples of public venues requiring such lighting include:
  • Concert venues
  • Sports arenas
  • Equestrian riding facilities
  • Performing Arts centers
  • Festival/fair spaces
  • Conference centers
Arena walkway image on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Key Factors in Planning Venue Lighting

There are many factors to consider when it comes to choosing and installing venue lighting. Lots of people are usually traveling in and out of public venues, they are coming day and night, and there are often steps and ramps that need to be clearly illuminated. Lights must be placed strategically to highlight important areas and with irregular operating hours, burn hours must be considered to save energy and operational costs. At Bay Lighting, we service off-field lighting, both indoor and outdoor, at venues of all sizes. This often means lots of stairs, hallways, restrooms, and lobbies that must be well-lit in order to create safe spaces for guests and staff. We offer affordable venue lighting solutions with expert installation.
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Pillars of Success – Venue Lighting

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Pillar 1: Clear Illumination

In order for guests to have a good time at your venue and be repeat guests in the future, the space must be safe and comfortable. A big part of that is clear illumination in off-field areas. The main attraction can be far way but it’s important to maintain proper light levels so guests can easily find the restrooms or concessions.. If a customer is unable to see properly, they may not have a great experience. Similarly, the people performing, playing, or presenting at an event need to be able to see what they are doing so they can do their jobs well and avoid injury. Staff members must also always feel safe at your venue, which can be accomplished by installing quality lighting throughout the entire property. Clear illumination will allow staff to perform their job easily, as well.

Pillar 2: Atmospheric Lighting

Many venues operate both day and night and host events that require certain light levels. For example, a concert venue may want to be able to control their lights via dimmer switch depending on the mood of the performance or the time of day. Venue lighting can be outfitted with a range of controls, such as timers and dimmer switches, to provide maximum control over light levels. LED lights can be placed strategically to create the look and ambiance that reflects your brand and contributes to the overall atmosphere.

Pillar 3: Reduced Overall Costs

As a venue owner, a large part of your budget is probably dedicated to electricity. In addition to the main performance area, venues also include office space, conference rooms, bathrooms, and maintenance areas that should be carefully planned out for energy savings. For example, when looking at an entire stadium the size of AT&T Stadium, which has 80,00 seats and covers 73 acres, it costs about $21,600 to power per year. Fortunately, there are ways for venues of all sizes to save on lighting costs and reduce their carbon footprints. LED fixtures can be installed to replace existing lighting and reduce energy costs significantly. LEDs burn 90% more efficiently than traditional bulbs and last between 12 and 22 years. This means reduced expenses associated with maintenance and replacing fixtures. With irregular hours of operation, sensors and controls can be a great savings, in addition to LED.

Venue collage of hallway, staircase and bathroom on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

How Does Venue Lighting Impact Guests and Staff?


Studies have shown that sporting event stadiums that switch to LED fixtures provide superior illumination for athletes, fans, and officials, and make for an overall better experience. When attending an event, people want to be able to see everything that’s going on. Depending on the event, they may also want to be able to take photos and videos. Adequate lighting is an important part of providing a good experience and encouraging guests to come back again. Venues often see a lot of foot traffic, which means all areas must be illuminated, both indoors and outdoors, for optimal security. Guests and staff should always feel safe on your property. Dingy, dark areas can give way to accidents or the occurrence of crime, so a well-planned lighting scheme is absolutely critical for venues.

Venue Turn-Key Projects


Bay Lighting prioritizes a comprehensive D.C., Virginia, and Maryland venue lighting design and installation process that makes it easy for venue owners to create the environments that are most conducive to their businesses.


Venue areas that should be considered in any general turn-key lighting project include:

  • Office Space
  • Corridors and Tunnels
  • Restrooms/Locker rooms
  • Concessions and dining areas
  • Seating areas
  • Stairwells, hallways, and lobbies
  • Exterior areas – Parking areas, outdoor concourse and walkways
In addition to the supply and installation, we also handle the process of finding and administering any available rebates from your utility company, which equals more savings. We also will manage any warranty claims and provide support throughout the entire warranty process.
Venue collage on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Contact Us

At Bay Lighting, we work with DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia venues to upgrade existing lighting fixtures to new ones. Our certified lighting specialists will work to identify your specific lighting needs and create a well-lit space in which staff and guests can feel comfortable and safe. Fill out our contact form to request a lighting consultation.


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