Our History

The Bay Lighting Story

Growing up in the Bay area, as our family’s second generation in the lighting business, the BAY and LIGHTING are in our roots. Every day, we strive to bring customers our best in the world of lighting. Similarly, we strive to bring our best to the Chesapeake Bay Watershed, and the environment in which we live, by following best practices in industry recycling processes.

Bay Lighting

Sep 2003

Bay Lighting begins operations in September of 2003, and soon after, receives a very memorable visitor; Hurricane Isabelle. Unlike Isabelle, Bay Lighting starts out slow and steady. In the early days, the company serves as a lamp and ballast supplier to the market place.

May 2004

Bay Lighting purchases their first branded delivery truck, hires a driver, and begins delivery services.

Mar 2006

Bay Lighting completes their first full lighting retrofit job, from T12 to T8

Sep 2007

Working with the property management sector, John and Kevin see that Bay Lighting customers need services beyond the replacement products that are being supplied. Bay Lighting begins providing services such as consultation, design, installation, maintenance, and recycling, which takes a project from an idea to reality with one organization.

Sep 2007

The company’s first turn-key parking garage is completed.

Jun 2008

Bay Lighting starts daily lamp recycling pick-ups with orders.

Apr 2010

Bay Lighting establishes their first lighting installation crew.

Aug 2010

An exterior maintenance division is added, which includes a new bucket truck.

Oct 2010

Headquarters are moved to their current location in Crofton, Maryland.

Jul 2011

Their first LED parking lot conversion is completed.

Sep 2012

Bay Lighting sells their first LED parking garage fixture.

Sep 2013

Bay Lighting celebrates their 10-year anniversary, and also adds the company’s twelfth staff member.

Dec 2014

Recycling innovates to a per pound program, instead of hand-counting recyclables. The company adds ballast and battery recycling, in addition to lamps.

Jun 2015

Bay Lighting completes their first full-building LED T8 conversion.

Jan 2017

Bay Lighting partners with utility companies to offer Maryland and Washington, D.C. customers instant lighting discounts

Dec 2018

Company reaches 1 million in annual rebates for customers.

Jan 2019

First full-building control system is sold.

Our Future

From its beginning, Bay Lighting has been focused on providing the service levels of old, while offering the technology of the future. At Bay Lighting, our local lighting professionals shape the modern-day lighting marketplace. We utilize our decades of lighting experience with the latest tools to execute our projects and drive customer satisfaction. The ability to provide a solution at every point of the lighting lifecycle makes our organization unique. Looking to the future, we are positioned to lead and innovate the lighting industry. Bay Lighting will only accept being the very best, and our team is prepared to earn their success every day.


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November 3, 2021
Parking lot lighting is critical for any commercial property. Adequate outdoor lighting can prevent accidents, injuries, and the occurrence of crime. As a commercial property owner, you want guests and employees to feel safe at all times on your property. Parking lot lights can be difficult to access should they fail or need servicing, so it’s important to use high-quality products. Lights must be placed thoughtfully in order to illuminate areas that receive the least natural light and the most traffic. Accordingly, parking lot lighting should be planned ahead of time and installed by a professional local lighting service.
October 14, 2021
Warehouses are somewhat unique when it comes to commercial lighting. They are often large buildings, lit by hard-to-reach fixtures, and may hold hundreds of workers and thousands of pieces of inventory and equipment. This level of foot traffic, not to mention operation of dangerous machinery and logistical equipment, requires optimal lighting for the prevention of injuries, mistakes, and accidents.


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