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A well-designed parking lot lighting scheme can help prevent accidents, make your commercial space more secure overall, and leave a great impression on visitors. On the other hand, poorly-designed parking lot lighting can enable crime, contribute to accidents, and make employees and customers feel unsafe and uncomfortable. As you can see, both proper and improper lighting can lead to positives and negatives so it’s important to invest time up front for the best outcome at your property.

Key Factors in Planning Parking Lot Lighting

What are lighting professionals thinking about when analyzing parking lot lighting? What is the thought process of a Bay Lighting specialist? What key factors are we looking at during our assessment to help us move to next steps? Top criteria our specialists look for include:


Are light levels consistent across the lot?

Dark Spots

Are there areas that light isn’t reaching?


Are fixtures, poles, and bases looking their best?

Pillars of Success – Parking Lot Lighting

Bay Lighting’s proven formula is based on the three pillars of success model that showcases top criteria for a successful turn-key project. Remember, at Bay Lighting pillar number one is always going to be optimal lighting. Lighting is our top priority and never to be compromised.
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Pillar 1: Optimal Lighting

Overwhelmingly, the goal behind optimal lighting is the safety and security of guests. A poorly-lit parking lot is a liability and presents a negative image of your facility. Customers and employees want to feel safe, and poor illumination can invite crime, lead to accidents, and cause people to shy away from your establishment. It’s important that the exterior of your building is inviting, and proper parking lot illumination is a key part. We start with a photometric plan to serve as a documented guide, ensuring proper lighting levels are met for your specific space. Achieving optimal lighting is a must before moving on to next steps.

Pillar 2: Energy Efficiency

Managing electricity costs is important for any business. Additionally, there is a growing emphasis across industries on reducing emissions. Energy-efficient parking lot lighting can save you money and reduce your carbon footprint, which ultimately reflects positively on your business. Parking lots have long burn hours, so annual energy savings can be significant with the right fixtures and lamps. LED technology, for example, can be paired with lighting controls to maximize savings.

Pillar 3: Reduced Operations Costs

Parking lot lighting should be reliable and require minimal care over long periods of time. Choosing the correct fixtures that last 50,000 to 100,000 hours can help ensure you won’t be spending more on operating costs than is necessary. Parking lot lighting should be reliable, high-quality, and come with a good warranty.

Our Approach to Your Turn-Key Parking Lot Lighting


There are more than just a few things to consider when planning your parking lot lighting. Therefore, it’s important to work with a commercial lighting expert to ensure compliance with local ordinances, industry standards, and other important details. If you begin working with someone that skips important planning pieces, your project will face challenges and risk having to re-install lighting again… yes, this happens! It doesn’t matter if you save a ton of energy but are still faced with liabilities due to a dark, unsafe lot.

Parking lot lighting is on 12 hours a day, 365 days a year which can equal big savings. Enter in the number of lamps that you wish to convert to LED at your commercial parking lot to discover the savings at your facility.
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Annual Energy
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Simple Payback

icon Our simplified parking facility retrofit calculator takes into account average specifications for common outdoor lighting technology found in garages and lots before converting to LED.
At Bay Lighting, we work with clients in MD, DC, and NoVA every step of the way in order to offer a streamlined, efficient process. We prioritize your specific goals and do our best to reduce costs and provide industry-leading lighting solutions. The parking lot turn-key process at Bay Lighting consists of the following steps:
Image of a parking garage on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Assessment and Consultation

Our Maryland lighting experts will visit your site and learn about your facility or commercial space. No two projects are exactly the same, so each project receives an assessment with the objective of determining your goals and priorities.
Image of a parking lot light fixture on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Fixture Selection and Design

You may be feeling a little overwhelmed at first, but our team can help you determine the style of fixtures for your parking lot that will work best for your space. We provide examples of similar projects and present your parking lot lighting fixture options. Your lighting layout and photometric plan will ensure the parking lot meets all necessary lighting standards.
Image of a person using a computer on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Personalized Proposal

We will develop a detailed proposal for your project that will include the formal lighting layout and photometric plan, in addition to specification sheets and manufacturer warranties. This proposal will also include estimated energy savings from the project and present utility rebates that apply to the job.
Image of two people smiling and working together on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Rebate Optimization

At Bay Lighting, we want to help you save money. We will complete the rebate process with your utility company, saving you hours of tedious work and ensuring you get the maximum rebate.
Image of a bucket truck on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website


We handle the entire parking lot lighting installation process based on your timeline. Our crews are trained to work in facilities during operating hours and manage the associated challenges. We are also able to schedule work that must be completed during non-business hours.
Image of commercial light bulbs on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website


Recycling light fixtures and lamps is required by law. We can arrange pickup and proper disposal.
Image of a smiling woman using a laptop on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Warranty Administration

All Bay Lighting fixtures come with warranties of five-years or more. We provide peace of mind and foster long-term relationships with our clients by administrating warranties to our clients.

Schedule A 30-Minute Parking Consultation

Are you planning a new parking lot lighting project or upgrade in MD, DC, or NoVA? Fill out our quick form with some details about your needs, and we will reach out by the next business day.


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