Commercial Lighting Rebate Opportunities

Planning to upgrade your facility’s lighting? You may qualify for a lighting rebate or financial incentive. Most commercial businesses qualify for rebates on energy efficient lighting.

Energy rebates can substantially reduce the cost of your lighting project. We take the stress and uncertainty out of rebates. As a certified distributor, we know which products will qualify for rebates and what needs to be done to complete the process. Leave the administrative work to us and reap the benefits of savings!

Are you interested in learning more about your potential savings? Contact Bay Lighting today to learn more about rebate programs available in your area.

Lighting rebate management services, by Bay Lighting

Lighting Rebate Programs

We are an authorized lighting distributor and partner with the following utility companies.

Lower your purchase price and start saving today! Minimum contributions may apply.

Rebate Administration

Bay Lighting is an authorized lighting distributor with BGE, Pepco, and DCSEU. We offer two options in lighting rebates, instant and prescriptive, and we recommend products that qualify for rebates whenever possible. Typically, these products are DLC listed or Energy Star compliant. With either scenario, we will manage all administrative paperwork and pass these rebates along to you, in a timely manner, with no out of pocket expense.

  • Prescriptive Rebates – Prescriptive rebates are not designed to be paid out instantly. Qualifications are based on proper submission of the energy efficient fixture. These rebates can take a longer time for approval, but with our rebate administrative process, there’s no waiting for our customers.
  • Instant – Instant rebates are predetermined by each utility company. Below is a list of instant rebate discounts on qualifying energy-efficient lighting offered by each of our utility companies. Simply subtract the discount amount from your lamp price to determine your per product cost. As you can see, savings can add up quickly.

BGE Smart Energy Savers Program

Lamp Type
Recessed Trim Kit$12.00
BR/R 20, 30, 40$4.00
PAR 20$7.00
PAR 30$9.00
PAR 38$10.00

Pepco Smart Energy Program

Lamp Type
Recessed Trim Kit$15.00
BR/R 20, 30, 40$4.00
PAR 20$7.50
PAR 30$9.50
PAR 38$11.50

DCSEU Energy-Efficient Program

Lamp Type
Recessed Trim Kit$12.00
BR/R 20, 30, 40$4.00
PAR 20$4.00
PAR 30$4.00
PAR 38$4.00

Instant Rebate Case Study

Bay Lighting has extensive experience in submitting and helping our customers earn rebates and financial incentives for lighting projects and often times, rebates pay for the cost of the project in less than a year. As an example, Bay Lighting saved one customer over 80% using instant rebates to purchase LED lighting for their parking garage. The project would have normally cost $9,858 but with rebates only cost the customer $1,861. Bay Lighting administered the rebates at no up front cost to our customer and with no wait time on product shipment. This could be you… it’s that easy!


Take the guesswork out of qualifying for energy rebates. Let us help you apply and receive all available incentives.

Contact Bay Lighting today to learn about available lighting rebate programs and learn how much you could potentially save on a lighting installation project.


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