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Turn-Key Lighting Solutions for Commercial Office Space

Adequate lighting in office settings can make working easier, promote alertness, increase productivity, and create a safer work environment.

Employers are responsible for ensuring that various areas are properly lit throughout the building, both indoors and out. With so many options available, procuring a turn-key commercial office lighting solution can be intimidating and what might work in one area, or for one person, might not be ideal for another. Eliminate guess work, time, and frustration by partnering with a Bay Lighting specialist for your commercial office lighting.

Pillars of Success – Commercial Office

At Bay Lighting, our top priority is… LIGHTING. Applying the scientific principles of lighting, we strive for optimal quantity and quality of light with each project; therefore, no matter the application, optimal lighting will always be the first pillar. Once proper lighting is achieved, then secondary goals can be attained. Here is an example of our 3 pillars when it comes to commercial office lighting.
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Pillar 1: Optimal Lighting

Work space lighting impacts an employee’s alertness, as well as their health, mood, and productivity.

Pillar 2: Energy Efficiency

Dimmable lighting, sensors, controls, and LED lighting all contribute to savings.

Pillar 3: Reduced Operations Costs

Long-lasting LED reduces maintenance costs by reducing the amount of lamp changes over the lifetime of the lamp. This repurposes workers to other important tasks.

Beginning Your Lighting Project

Your lighting specialist’s main goal is to deliver the correct lighting for your application. As a first step, we will always recommend starting with the area that may pose the highest safety risk. Secondly, we will analyze energy and maintenance savings to uncover the best option, allowing your property to begin saving for your next lighting project right away. Your lighting specialist will navigate through this process with you to determine the best place to get started.

Commercial Office Dimmable Stairwell Calculator

Converting to dimmable LED stairwell fixtures with sensors are a great way to save energy at your commercial office building. With the addition of LED, dimming, and sensors, stairwell lighting adhering to code will be programmed to full 100% illumination when occupied, and dimmed to 10% illumination when unoccupied. As you can see, the savings can really add up!
Initial Cost of Project
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Simple Annual
Energy Savings

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Annual Energy
Cost Savings

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Simple Payback

icon Our calculation is based on converting stairwell fixtures from fluorescent to LED with sensors, and takes into account the number of hours and days of operation in a typical office setting.


Walkways, entrances, and parking areas. Maintaining proper illumination outside essential to safety.


Save energy with dimmable stairwell lighting. Stairwells can be a quick and easy way to save with occupancy sensors.


Many properties have retrofit opportunities in hallways that can be accomplished a few hallways at at a time.


Optimize employee productivity with field adjustable fixtures. Color temperature can be changed after installation.

Common Areas

Conference rooms, restrooms, and elevator lobbies can benefit from a lighting audit.


Lighting can help make a statement, elevate your status, and impress guests.

Contact Us

At Bay Lighting, we work with office building managers to upgrade existing lighting fixtures and/or install new ones to create a comfortable and safe environment for tenants. We conduct on-site visits, will develop a plan to ensure proper illumination, and execute your turn-key project with little disruption to building occupants.
Get a free lighting consultation and share a little bit about your project.

    Begin Your Project With Bay Lighting



    What do you want to achieve? What problem do you want solved?



    We’ll complete the rebate process with your utility company, saving you hours of administrative work.

    LED A Light Bulb


    Our lighting specialist will help determine the best products for your application.


    Energy Savings

    Ask us to complete your energy audit and save!



    Retrofit, re-lamp, replace, or repair. Maintenance and bucket truck services are also available.



    Ask us about recycling your old lamps, ballasts, and batteries.

    What Our Clients Are Saying

    We used to have to change the fluorescent bulbs weekly which required getting out the lift, in addition to coordinating times with security so we didn’t set off any alarms. Since converting to LED, we haven’t had to replace any LED lamps which helps save on manpower and pays for itself.
    Rob, Smithsonian Institution
    What we appreciated most, besides your excellent service and prices, was the ease of installation and the quick return on investment due to the PEPCO rebate. We also love the brightness and light consistency in our garage now. Also since LEDs are not affected by temperature like fluorescent we will have a much brighter garage in the winter months. We estimate payback in 1 ½ months.
    Alex, JBG Smith
    Last year our hotel in Annapolis participated the BGE Instant Lighting Discount Program. It was as simple as purchasing $1 LED bulbs and observing the benefits. The LED A lamps were noticed right away by our customers, offering instant and superior illumination. With the task of changing light bulbs eliminated, our staff now has time to perform other needed tasks. The energy savings has been off the charts and our investment paid for itself in less than a few months. I would highly recommend this to any facility.
    SpringHill, Suites in Annapolis
    Bay Lighting understands multi-family lighting. They have been instrumental in giving us a competitive edge with our unit renovations. They are committed to providing innovative lighting solutions.
    Polinger Shannon & Luchs
    We have a large inventory of buildings that require a wide variety of lamps and ballasts. We turn to Bay Lighting for next day delivery of quality lighting products. They offer names we trust at prices that suit our budget.
    The Architect of the Capitol
    A well lit parking lot is critical to business. When we have outages, we need immediate resolution. Bay Lighting’s quick turnaround and skilled staff keep our exterior lighting in top condition. We have the brightest lot at the airport.
    EconoPark Express


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    November 3, 2021
    Parking lot lighting is critical for any commercial property. Adequate outdoor lighting can prevent accidents, injuries, and the occurrence of crime. As a commercial property owner, you want guests and employees to feel safe at all times on your property. Parking lot lights can be difficult to access should they fail or need servicing, so it’s important to use high-quality products. Lights must be placed thoughtfully in order to illuminate areas that receive the least natural light and the most traffic. Accordingly, parking lot lighting should be planned ahead of time and installed by a professional local lighting service.
    October 14, 2021
    Warehouses are somewhat unique when it comes to commercial lighting. They are often large buildings, lit by hard-to-reach fixtures, and may hold hundreds of workers and thousands of pieces of inventory and equipment. This level of foot traffic, not to mention operation of dangerous machinery and logistical equipment, requires optimal lighting for the prevention of injuries, mistakes, and accidents.


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