Strategic Lamp Replacement

Strategic Lamp Replacement


17 Barkley Apartments

  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Pepco Smart Energy Program
  • Maryland

Savings At-A-Glance

Month 1 Results

Featured Products

Satco S8649, S9948, S39936

Product Quantity: 168

Cost to Customer: $315

Rebate Savings: $1,392

Lifetime Energy Savings: $31,892

Maintenance Savings: $4,408
Based on 624 lifetime lamp changes.

Lifetime Savings: $35,985

As an approved Pepco Smart Energy Program supplier, instant rebates were administered by Bay Lighting and passed to the customer at time of purchase.

Pepco logo on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website
Fairfield Residential is dedicated to sustainability, green living, and energy-efficiency, as outlined in their Living Green ® program. Locally, their energy-saving efforts have been paying off when it comes to lighting. The communities at Fenwick Apartments and 17 Barkley Apartments have been saving, more and more by the month, with incremental LED light bulb replacement.


The building engineer at Fenwick and 17 Barkley was charged with energy savings at his properties, while maintaining his monthly budget. Both properties provided ample opportunity for energy and financial savings with LED lamp replacement.
Barkley Apartments image as well as an image of a strategic lamp replacement on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website


Working with a Bay Lighting specialist, the engineer provided his lamp list, and discussed where the bulbs were used and any desired changes. At Bay Lighting, our priority is proper illumination, so it was important to learn if there were any areas that required adjustments. Bay Lighting researched instant lighting discount opportunities on each bulb, to determine a chance for savings through the customer’s utility provider, Pepco. Discounts were incorporated into customer pricing, up front.
Image of three SATCO bulbs on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website


There are many benefits to this project, for each property and for the building engineer. In addition to the energy, financial, and maintenance savings, the engineer was left with a manageable job that he strategically executed each month. In addition, documentation provided by Bay Lighting outlines the financial and environmental impact of his results. A proud accomplishment!

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