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Bay Lighting is Your Solution for Commercial Lighting Projects

Our experienced staff provides unique lighting designs that deliver energy efficiency at price points that fit your budget. Our complete line card offers solutions for your dwellings, parking garages and lots, corridors, lobby areas, community rooms and exterior grounds. Whether you are looking for energy savings in your common areas or a total renovation of your property, Bay Lighting is your solution.

Bay Lighting helps you find the perfect lighting solution.

During your free lighting consultation, we’ll utilize our line card to help identify the best lighting for your needs. That’s what we do.

Interior Fixtures

Another main focus for Bay Lighting is providing support to Lighting Contractors. We offer a complete inventory of Lighting Fixtures, Exit Signs, and Emergency Lighting to complete your tenant build-outs. Our broad inventory of lamps and ballast are a valuable resource for the contractor that is focused on lighting service and maintenance.

Our eager and efficient staff is ready to assist with your next project and we look forward to building and growing a partnership with your organization. Thank you for choosing Bay Lighting.


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Premier Lighting Solutions for Commercial Property Management

Our experienced staff combines detailed design elements with innovative energy efficient technology. We fully understand the challenges facing property management companies and we have developed the most comprehensive offering in the Washington DC marketplace. Our offerings include solutions for office space, common areas, restrooms, stairwells, mechanical rooms, lobbies, parking garages, and building exteriors.


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We'll Help Find Your Ideal Lighting Solution


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