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In designing your parking garage lighting plan, it is important to consider a number of factors in order to create a safe environment. Natural light levels, walkway and stairwell illumination, and driver safety should be taken into account to ensure that customers and employees are safe on your property. Lighting plays a huge role in accident prevention and deterring crime when it comes to parking garages. A commercial lighting installation company can help you determine which fixtures and light levels will work best for your DC, Maryland, or Northern Virginia parking garage.

Key Factors in Planning Parking Garage Lighting

When analyzing your parking garage, what key factors does a lighting specialist look for in their assessment? What challenges may arise and how do we resolve those obstacles? Top criteria our specialists look for include:
Achieve balanced illumination of your parking garage with Bay Lighting


Are light levels consistent across the garage?
Eliminate dark spots in your parking garage with our services

Dark Spots

Are there dark corners or below ground levels that aren’t receiving enough light?
Garage lighting aesthetics and functionality

Aesthetics and

How are the fixtures mounted? Are lights blocked because they are tucked up into beams?

Pillars of a Success – Parking Garage Lighting

Bay Lighting’s proven formula is based on the three pillars of success model that showcases top criteria for a successful turn-key project. Remember, at Bay Lighting Pillar 1 is always going to be optimal lighting. Lighting is our top priority and never to be compromised.
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Pillar 1: Optimal Lighting

Employees and customers should feel safe at all times while on your property. With a parking garage, the goal of optimal lighting directly impacts the safety and security of guests. A poorly lit parking garage lends itself to a myriad of unsafe situations, including crime and automobile accidents. Proper parking garage illumination is a key part of creating an inviting space and positive atmosphere. Our photometric plan is based on the science of light and will serve as a documented guide, ensuring the proper lighting levels for your unique parking garage. With photometrics, we will know exactly what is needed reducing the risk of under-lighting or over-lighting the area.

Pillar 2: Energy Efficiency

Reducing electricity costs is beneficial for any business. Energy-efficient parking garage lighting can save you money and reduce your emissions. More and more businesses are prioritizing eco-friendly initiatives, and upgrading to LED parking garage lighting is a great way to achieve that. Parking garages are a great way to introduce dimmers, sensors, and controls for optimal efficiency. For example, midnight is the perfect time for a dimming system to activate as there are typically very few people in a commercial garage at that time. In addition, our scientific photometrics plan, will guide us on the correct wattage for based on your garage for maximum efficiency. It’s always important to select a fixture that will grow with technology and not box yourself in with an inexpensive fixture that can’t grow with technology.

Pillar 3: Reduced Operations Costs

Parking garage lighting should require minimal care over long periods of time… think 10-year intervals when it comes to updating or enhancing your garage lighting. Fixtures are often difficult to access, so installing high-quality, long-lasting products is essential to reducing your operations cost. We can outfit your garage lighting with timers so that you are only paying for lighting when you need it which adds to the life of the fixture. Reliable parking garage light fixtures can help you save costs associated with maintenance, replacements, and lift rentals. In addition, a dependable fixture can save you the inconvenience that may be associated with on-site repairs. In the instance that anything goes wrong, our recommended parking garage lighting fixtures come with lifetime dependable warranties, offering you peace of mind for many years.

Our Approach to Your Turn-Key Garage Lighting


There are more than just a few things to consider when planning your parking lot lighting. Therefore, it’s important to work with a commercial lighting expert to ensure compliance with local ordinances, industry standards, and other important details. If you begin working with someone that skips important planning pieces, your project will face challenges and risk having to re-install lighting again… yes, this happens! It doesn’t matter if you save a ton of energy but are still faced with liabilities due to a dark, unsafe garage.


At Bay Lighting, our design and installation process is highly collaborative. We work with you to stay within budget, achieve your

Garage lighting is on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year which can equal big savings. Enter in the number of lamps that you wish to convert to LED at your commercial parking garage to discover the savings at your facility.
Initial Cost of Project
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Simple Annual
Energy Savings

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Annual Energy
Cost Savings

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Simple Payback

icon Our simplified parking facility retrofit calculator takes into account average specifications for common outdoor lighting technology found in garages and lots before converting to LED.
Image of commercial property managers collaborating on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Assessment and Consultation

Our technicians will visit your parking garage and assess your commercial property. Through on-site visits, we are able to determine your unique lighting needs and develop an achievable plan. Oftentimes, we will recommend LED parking garage lighting solutions, which are more efficient than typical lighting solutions.
Image of a parking garage with lighting on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Fixture Selection and Design

We will help you choose the right styles and sizes of light fixtures that will provide optimal security and illumination. Our team will provide examples of previous projects and help you explore your options. We provide layouts and photometric plans to guarantee compliance with all necessary standards.
Image of people collaborating on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Personalized Proposal

Once we have collected all of the information we need, we will develop a proposal for your parking garage project. This will include a formal lighting layout, photometric plan, specification sheets and manufacturer warranties, as well as estimated energy savings and present utility rebates that apply.
Image of a smiling businesswoman on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Rebate Optimization

We know how important it is to stay within budget. We can outfit your parking garage with fixtures, often LED, that use less energy to power and are connected to timers to reduce costs. We will complete the rebate process with your utility company for you, which can save you hours of work and ensure you get the maximum rebate.
Parking garage installation image on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website


We will plan the installation process so that it fits your schedule and doesn’t interrupt your routine. Our staff is trained to work in facilities during operating hours or during non-business hours.
Image of lighting fixtures on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website


Recycling light fixtures and lamps is required by law due to potential environmental contamination and health risks. We can arrange pickup and proper disposal of your bulbs, saving you time and hassle.
Image of a person writing in a notepad on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Warranty Administration

We offer 5-year warranties for our parking garage lighting products.

Schedule A 30-Minute Parking Consultation

Are you planning a new parking garage lighting project or upgrade in MD, DC, or NoVA? Fill out our quick form with some details about your needs, and we will reach out by the next business day.


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