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Commercial Lighting Services

At Bay Lighting, we offer energy-efficient commercial lighting services designed with attention to detail. We know how important it is to you and your business to save on energy use, and we’re here to help make that happen. We offer lighting services for office spaces, restrooms, stairwells, common areas, mechanical rooms, lobbies, parking garages, and building exteriors to name a few applications.


As a commercial lighting wholesaler, we stock a wide variety of lighting fixtures directly from the manufacturer. We are able to provide you with the largest selection of ballasts, lamps, and many other fixtures and take advantage of wholesale prices.


We work with businesses all over Maryland, DC, and Northern Virginia; personalizing and installing lighting projects perfectly tailored to individual needs.


Rebates and Installation

Commercial Lighting Rebate Opportunities


Your project may qualify for a rebate or financial incentive. Lighting instant discounts can mean significant savings for your business, in both product cost and energy. As a certified distributor, we can help with product selection to ensure top savings.


We are an authorized lighting distributor and partner with the following utility companies:


Bay Lighting can assist with your repeat bulb purchases, fluorescent to led lamp guidance, and any other product orders. For those larger jobs that can be a highly detailed process, we generally start with a design consultation to identify goals and the best approach to a successful project. Turn-key projects might include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Retrofit – this process includes utilizing existing technology while upgrading with new energy-efficient solutions. Many customers have worked with us to retrofit their location to reduce energy footprints significantly.
  • System Upgrades – this includes updating the entire system in your facility with new energy-efficient lighting equipment.
  • Lighting Control Systems – if the goal is modernization at the highest level, a smart system with occupancy sensors, dimming systems, and more can lead to instant energy savings and create the “wow” factor to impress customers and guests.

Commercial Lighting Recycling Options

Bay Lighting’s Recycling Program can help your business become more eco-friendly and reduce your carbon footprint in a significant way. We work with a permitted lighting and electronics recycling specialist to ensure your recycling plan is EPA, Osha, and DOT compliant.


We make approaching the recycling process simple and hassle-free. Here are our steps towards making your business more environmentally friendly:

  • Designate an area at your facility for your recycling.
  • Collect lamps in a separate container to avoid breakage. We recommend using the box that your new lamps arrived in and, as a reminder, we do not accept broken lamps
  • Ballasts and batteries can be stored in a separate box.

When you’re ready for a pick-up, seal your recycling box and schedule a pick-up. Avoid pick-up fees by pairing your recycling with a new bulb order and leave the rest to us!


Recycling Program Benefits:

  • Recycle lamps, ballast, and batteries
  • No hidden pickup fees or fuel surcharges when pick-up is scheduled with a new bulb order.
  • Maximizes storage space by having your used bulbs picked up frequently
  • Simple per pound cost.
  • Saves time and resources by combining lamp delivery with recycling pickup
  • Customers will receive a certificate of recycling compliance

What Do We Recycle?

Currently, we accept the following items as part of our recycling program:

  • LED, Fluorescent, neon, CFLs, and high density discharge (HID) lamps
  • Ballasts
  • Batteries larger than a size D
  • Detectors – ask your representative about this specialized process as it differs from our traditional recycling program

We always recommend keeping the original box to store your recyclables; however, should you need a box for your recycling, we also sell special recycling boxes for each of the items we recycle. Ready to recycle with Bay Lighting? Click here to get your free quote today or contact a sales representative at 301-888-5415 to schedule a pick-up.



If you’re thinking of starting a commercial lighting project or upgrading to energy-efficient lighting, contact Bay Lighting today. You can request a free quote if you have a product list or get started by speaking with a lighting technician about your specific goals or ideas. We’re here to help!


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