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Senior Living Facility Lighting

Clear illumination is absolutely critical for the safety and well-being of residents of senior living facilities. At Bay Lighting, we work with a range of senior living facilities, including nursing homes, assisted living accommodations, and independent living communities, to maintain optimal lighting for safety, security, and quality of life. We tailor our lighting plans to the varying lifestyles of senior residents, making sure to accommodate different levels of ability.

Safety Requirements and Senior Living

The design of senior care facility lighting is not regulated at a national level, but many states have guidelines. According to the state of Maryland’s official regulations, “An assisted living program shall ensure that common use areas, such as entrances, hallways, inclines, ramps, cellars, attics, storerooms, kitchens, and laundries, have sufficient artificial lighting to prevent accidents and promote efficient service.” Upgrading your senior living lighting plan to provide clear, quality lighting can help create a safe, secure living space for valued senior occupants.

How Does Lighting Impact Seniors?

Additionally, lighting can be used to make a senior living home more comfortable and inviting. Research has shown that light can promote positive emotions, reduce symptoms of depression, and make people feel more energetic and happier. Many seniors are unable to get outside and enjoy natural light as much as they’d like, and proper light levels can help improve their day-to-day lives tremendously. A senior living facility should feel like home. Impacting a senior residents’ quality of life and overall happiness is possible through high-quality lighting.

LED Technology

Upgrading to LED bulbs can provide more clarified light for communal spaces to help prevent accidents and ensure obstacles can be clearly seen and avoided. Since LED bulbs last an average of 50,000 hours, the need for replacements is minimal, which means burnt-out bulbs will be much less of an issue.

Turn-Key Lighting Projects at Your Senior Living Facility

Adequate light levels can prevent seniors from seriously injuring themselves in a fall. Dark hallways and stairwells are a serious hazard for those with physical limitations.

We provide lighting services for the following areas:


Common Areas

Lobbies, Hallways, Stairwells, Elevators, Restrooms


Walkways, Entrances, Parking Areas


Lighting, Alarms, Fans, Medicine Cabinets


Dining Rooms, Fitness Centers, Storage

Bay Lighting’s Senior Living Lighting Installation Process

At Bay Lighting, we maintain lasting professional relationships with our clients to provide the highest level of service and ensure your lighting remains up-to-date and in good working order.
We can help you determine what lighting is best for senior living facilities and help you improve the atmosphere of your assisted living or retirement home. We ensure that light switches are located in accessible places. Dimmer switches and other lighting control devices can be installed so residents can control light levels for personal comfort and safety.

Project Planning

At Bay Lighting, we conduct an on-site assessment and make a comprehensive plan prior to installation. We can install new senior living facility lighting fixtures or upgrade your current ones. We plan around resident schedules to ensure minimal interruption to daily routines. Senior living facilities vary in terms of building setups. Our lighting technicians can identify your specific needs based on structure style.

Budgetary Consideration

We take a variety of factors into consideration. Features like dimmers and sensors can be installed according to code and preference. At senior living facilities, utility bill responsibility can vary. In some instances, the residents are responsible and at other locations, management pays the bill. The responsible party will have an interest in maintaining budgets and we can help you stay on track.

Ease of Access

With senior living facilities in particular, we recognize the importance of accessible lighting. We design lighting schemes that prioritize ease of use and longevity. LED bulbs have exceptionally long lifespans, making them an ideal choice for senior living, as they will not need to be changed often. Similarly 10-year alarms are ideal and in some jurisdictions, required by law.

Contact Us

At Bay Lighting, we work with senior living multi-family property managers to upgrade existing lighting fixtures and/or install new ones to create a comfortable and safe environment for residents. We conduct on-site visits, will develop a plan to ensure proper illumination, and execute your turn-key project with little disruption to senior tenants.
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