Repair, retrofit, or re-imagine your exterior lighting with long-lasting LEDs Turn-Key Re-Lamp Solutions from Bay Lighting Recycling made easy - by Bay Lighting Call us and have a product selection expert help you choose your lighting solutions Get lighting discounts and learn about rebates

Re-imagine your exterior lighting with long-lasting LED from Bay Lighting Turn-key Re-lamp solutions from Bay Lighting Recycling made easy - by Bay Lighting Call us and have a product selection expert help you choose your lighting solutions Get instant lighting discounts - rebates from Bay Lighting

    How Can We Help?

      How Can We Help?


      Providing Commercial Lighting Solutions Since 2003

      Bay Lighting provides commercial lighting solutions in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. Our areas of expertise are for commercial and residential property management companies, hospitality, government, educational, and health care organizations. Full LED retrofits and installations are available.

      Markets We Serve

      Commercial Office
      Commercial office spaces and lighting go hand in hand. With a combination of rooms, such as offices, central cubicles, meeting rooms, lunch and break spaces, and more, you need a lighting solution that meets all of your needs.
      Parking Facilities
      Safety and eco-friendliness combine in our lighting solutions for parking facilities. Options include energy-efficient lighting that runs on motion sensors to permanent fixtures that are on at all times in order to illuminate those dark corners.
      Multi-Family Housing
      Multi-family housing structures, like apartment buildings, senior living facilities, and college dorms, need lighting both inside and outside. Improved illumination and efficiency are important for safety and reducing the bottom line.
      Hotels, restaurants, and sports arenas come to mind when we think of the hospitality industry. As you can imagine, these facilities have varied lighting needs from common areas to guest rooms, fitness centers to lobbies, each area needs to make a positive impression to visitors.
      Government buildings, hospitals, and schools and universities have a variety of spaces that all require just the right lighting options. Save energy, maintenance hours, and money with the optimum lighting solution.
      Flex Space
      Flex spaces need lighting that works for many different applications. From warehouses and loading docks to office and retail space, the amount of light and color temperature for each application is important.

      Markets We Serve

      Shop Our Featured Categories

      Shop Our Featured Categories

      Area Lights
      Area Lighting
      Outdoor LED fixtures make a great first impression on guests.
      LED T8 Lamp
      LED T8 Lamps
      Linear lamps including T5, T8, T12, and U-Bend.
      LED A Lamp
      LED A Lamps
      Classic A-series lamps for general lighting.
      LED Troffer
      LED Troffer
      LED troffers provide even, glare free, light distribution.
      Exit and emergency lighting
      Exit & Emergency
      Plan ahead with essential safety lighting.
      Garage lighting
      Garage Lighting
      Maximize energy savings and brighten your space.
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      Working with the same goals in mind, we can provide premier lighting solutions.
      We are your lighting specialists in Washington DC, Virginia, and the Chesapeake Bay areas

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      With over 100 years of combined experience, Bay Lighting’s professionals manage each phase of your project.
      Bay lighting makes sure your project goes well from start to finish

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      Our customized step-by-step process ensures quality and efficiency.

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      July 15, 2022
      It’s estimated that schools spend billions of dollars annually on energy, and it’s often the second-highest operating expenditure (following personnel costs). Each year, these expenses continue to increase while budgets often decrease, leading educators to look for ways to save money throughout the year. One way is by making some lighting updates that are more energy efficient, therefore saving money on energy bills. LED uses up to 75% less energy than conventional lighting systems, which keeps dollars in your budget for other important things.
      June 3, 2022
      For tenants looking for the greatest variety of apartment homes to choose from, moving between May and September is often their best bet. Parents and college students are timing moves for when school is out for the summer, so more multi-family units become available for renters. Warmer weather also eliminates moving challenges like winter storms or icy roads.


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