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Important work is conducted in government buildings every day in the United States, both at the state and federal level. Accordingly, these high-traffic areas require adequate interior and exterior lighting at all times of day. At Bay Lighting, we offer our clients American-made lighting products and perform timely installation and replacement services throughout Maryland and the Washington, D.C. area. Our lighting technicians take the time to work side-by-side with clients to determine budgetary needs and select every single product, down to the hard-to-find replacement lamps, fixtures, and parts. We also do our best to uncover and administer any utility rebates and offer recycling services for the easiest, most cost-efficient process possible.

Key Factors in Planning Government Lighting

Government buildings often house sensitive information in offices, databases, and other systems. They are also often open long hours and see a lot of traffic throughout the day. Since there is a broad range of types of government buildings, lighting needs vary. For example, the needs of a campus style federal property are quite different from the needs of a high-rise government agency building. A campus style government agency with multiple buildings and employees present at varying hours would need to be equipped with comprehensive exterior and interior lighting at all times of day and would benefit from being outfitted with dimmers and sensors. A high-rise government building with traditional office hours, on the other hand, does not need the same level of light throughout the entire night, but would require a focus on lighting for security purposes. Given the complexity and variation of government lighting needs, Bay Lighting treats each building as an individual. We assess the specific needs of the property and project at hand, down to the smallest detail, and make a comprehensive lighting installation, re-lamp, or retrofit plan.
Government building collage of hallway and office space on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

Pillars of Success – Government Lighting and Design

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Pillar 1: Optimal Lighting

Adequate light levels are essential to a safe, secure public space. Highly important and often sensitive transactions are conducted in government buildings, and lights should be placed and positioned to enable people to travel easily across the property. Exterior lighting is critical in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents and crime. Interior light levels should be specified to support office staff, warehouse employees, or scientists working in a lab.

Pillar 2: Energy Efficiency

According to a recent Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey (CBECS), 17% of all electricity consumed in U.S. commercial building is for lighting, making it one of the largest end uses of electricity overall. Upgrading your existing lighting to energy-efficient technology, such as LEDs, is a great way for any government property to reduce its carbon footprint and go green. LEDs provide high-quality, clarified light and burn for 25,000 to 50,000 hours. They use significantly less energy to operate, and therefore enable government institutions to decrease their energy consumption significantly over time. We work with clients at some of the oldest buildings in our area to make lighting plans that prioritize energy initiatives and use long-lasting products without compromising light quality. We also take care of recycling your old lamps and ballasts.

Pillar 3: Reduced Operations Costs

Replacing existing lights or installing new fixtures can greatly reduce operating costs for government properties working on a budget. Money-saving fixtures, like LEDs, can greatly reduce an organization’s energy bills and other costs associated with maintenance and bulb replacement.

Collage of guest staff space on Bay Lighting's Maryland commercial lighting website

The Impact of Lighting at Government Facilities

For government organizations, clear lighting is extremely important. All walkways, halls, stairwell, and other public areas must be well-lit to ensure safety. A dimly lit area equals a negative and uneasy experience for visitors. Most people feel more comfortable in public spaces with good illumination, so it is important to specify the correct light output when installing and replacing lights. In addition, many government buildings have security cameras and a screening process upon entering. Lighting is a huge component to adequate camera footage and proper scanning of guests.
For government buildings that contain office spaces, lighting can be used to promote alertness depending on color temperature and lumen output. Higher color temperatures of 4,600K or more appear cool or blue-white, while mid-range temperatures of 3,100K to 4,600K appear cool white and lower temperatures of up to 3,000K range from red to yellowish-white. All of these color temperatures can be used to create different atmospheres in government building spaces. For example, warmer temperatures are best for break rooms and intimate settings as they create a sense of relaxation. Mid-range colors are best for settings such as conference rooms because they are welcoming, but still promote alertness. Cool temperatures are best for office and warehouse spaces, as they improve productivity and lower melatonin, which reduced fatigue.

Government Turn-Key Projects


Government buildings can be fast-paced environments or quiet office spaces. Whatever your Maryland, Virginia, or D.C. lighting need may be, we provide lighting fixtures and other features to accommodate them.


Spaces in government buildings that must be considered when developing turn-key lighting projects include:


Common Areas

Hallways, Stairwells, Restrooms

Office Space

Conference and Meeting Rooms

Mechanical Rooms

Storage, Archival, Boiler Rooms


Auditoriums, Classrooms, Labs


Parking Areas, Walkways, Breezeways


Loading Docks

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At Bay Lighting, we work with a range of government clients to outfit institutions with comprehensive lighting schemes that save money, improve atmosphere, and create safer public spaces. We work side-by-side with clients to develop specific goals and make installation and/or maintenance plans with minimal interruption to daily operating schedules.
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