Outdoor LED Conversion

Outdoor LED Conversion

Hunters Glen Apartments

  • Multi-Family
  • Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Key Highlights

Efficient Lighting EL-159

Exterior Wall Mount
Powder Coated White or Black
Wet Listed

Fixture EL-159 was used on balconies and common areas throughout the property.

Outdoor living is essential on the list of amenities at Hunters Glen Apartments with highlights including an outdoor courtyard, pool and sundeck, and pet friendly areas. Shopping is within walking distance, another attraction to tenants.

The Opportunity

Breezeway fixtures were old, in disrepair, and did not fit with the aesthetic the property was looking for during a large-scale renovation. They were also too dark during the day due to poor light output and existing fixtures being on photocells and turning off during the day. Many tenants often walk so it was important to have proper illumination for safety so property management company Bozutto was ready to update lighting.

The Solution

Bay Lighting provided new updated and decorative outdoor rated fixtures that matched new aesthetic for the renovated property. Fixtures were low profile to prevent breakage during move-ins and move-outs as well as regular breezeway traffic.

The Benefits

Bypassed photocells and high-output lamps helped increase light output at all times of the day. In this instance improved lighting and output was the goal, but still provided a 2.52 year payback and over $4,500 in yearly energy and maintenance savings.
Hunters Glen wanted to maintain consistency between the common area breezeways and unit balcony lights throughout the property. The same fixtures were installed for both applications with LED lamps also installed on balconies to help achieve this goal, in addition to reducing in-unit maintenance for these areas.

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