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Universal Recessed Downlighting

Universal Recessed Downlighting

Overland Garden Apartments

  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Landover, Maryland


Instant rebates were applied by Bay Lighting.

Energy Savings: 111,681 kWh/year or 60% annual kWh savings.

Total Project Cost: $43,331

Rebates Paid: $10,605

Cost to Customer: $32,726

Annual Savings: $17,819

Net 5-Year Savings: $89,093

Payback: Less than 2 years


On their company website, Humphrey Management lists one of their company foundations as:

Innovation is vital to our competitive advantage. We are expected to generate and share new ideas that enable us to increase income, decrease expenses, compete better, and improve our services.


This philosophy aligns perfectly with the company’s recent lighting project with Bay Lighting. Together, Humphrey Management and Bay Lighting executed an energy saving lighting project that will save $17,819 annually, and $89,093 in 5 years time. When it comes to saving energy and ultimately money, converting to LED lighting has proven results and makes a big impact. Overland Gardens management was also able to take advantage of $10,605 in rebate savings. This amount was deducted instantly and all rebate administrative tasks were managed by Bay Lighting, saving our customer the headache of rebate paperwork and wait time.

The customer pre-selected a universal downlight fixture by MaxLite based on price and performance. An economical solution was important with this retrofit project. Key highlights of the MaxLite RCF61330W recessed downlighting include:

  • Economical, all-in-one solution
  • Direct mount into ceiling, no housing required
  • No can, bulb, or extra labor is needed
  • Suitable for damp locations
  • 5-year limited warranty

In addition to the energy and financial savings, the staff at Overland Gardens also decreased maintenance time dedicated to employees changing lamps. The new fixture will last 50,000 hours which is about twice as long as the replaced product.

The Universal Downlight Fixture by MaxLite is an economical, all-in-one solution for adding recessed downlighting to hospitality, office, multi-family and other commercial lighting applications.

Bay Lighting supplied 671 lighting fixtures to update the hallway and common areas in 28 buildings at Overland Gardens.

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