In-Wall Lighting with Custom Plate Mounting

In-Wall Lighting with Custom Plate Mounting



  • Multi-Family
  • Washington, DC

Product At-A-Glance

WL-LED100 Step And Wall Light
  • Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Direct wiring, no driver needed
  • Solid diecast brass, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, or cast stainless steel construction
  • Balanced lighting, free of shadows with minimum glare
  • Up to 200 fixtures can be connected in parallel
  • 54,000 hour rated life
  • 5 year WAC Lighting product warranty

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    Multi-family residential property District combines beautiful historic brown tones of brick with modern, sleek accents. One such accent is the exterior in-wall lighting used to light the path for residences and guests.

    The Opportunity

    Property management company Bozzuto was in need of a refresh of exterior wall pack lighting. The goal was to maintain the beauty of the property with new fixtures that were functioning and aesthetically pleasing. After investigating current lighting, it was apparent that one main challenge would be mounting the new fixtures into a space that had existing drilled holes in the brick from previously mounted fixtures.

    Bay Lighting Solution

    WAC fixture WL-LED100 Step and Wall Light was selected for the project. In addition, Bay Lighting had custom matching plates created that extended past the existing fixtures holes in the brick, allowing for ample room to adhere the new fixture. Fixtures were sealed to prevent any water intrusion, as well.

    The Outcome

    Upon completion, walkways and paths were optimally lit for a safe environment for visitors. The fixtures and lighting are aesthetically pleasing complementing this stylish apartment complex. Fixtures are mounted securely without the risk of detaching due to proper execution of the Bay Lighting team.

    Bay Lighting selected WAC Lighting’s WL-LED100-C-BZ which were mounted to a custom plate and installed down low to illuminate walkways at District.

    A one-for-one fixture replacement was executed maintaining the stylish look of the building façade.

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