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LED Linear High Bay and Classroom Retrofit


Thrive Gym

  • Hospitality
  • Annapolis, MD

Product At-A-Glance

Compact Pro LED High Bay

The Compact Pro LED high bay by Lithonia is an ideal one-for-one replacement of HID or fluorescent lighting technology. Key features include:


  • Ultra Compact – Up to 50% smaller than the typical high bay
  • Contractor friendly design – up to 30% faster installation and cleanup
  • Glare reduction optics featuring WhiteOptics® Technology allowing for maximum light output while reducing glare
  • 6kV ANSI Surge, 55°C ambient operation
  • 5-year limited warranty
Image of Compact Pro LED High Bay fixtures by Lithonia on Bay Lighting's commercial lighting website

Thrive Gym is committed to superior instruction and innovative classes taught in a positive and structured environment.

The Opportunity

After moving to a new location, Thrive Gym had a need for upgraded lighting in order to brighten and improve light levels consistently throughout the gym. The existing metal halide lighting was dark and dim in many areas, creating cave-like lighting in the corners of the gym. Ownership at Thrive Gym wanted to improve lighting to not only improve visibility but also create a better experience for gymnasts and increase overall aesthetics.

Bay Lighting Solution

Time was of the essence with this project, so Bay Lighting got right to work selecting a fixture based on quality, performance, availability, and value. Our lighting specialist visited the site to take light readings and moved forward with a photometric summary to ensure the desired light levels could be achieved. Then, we chose Lithonia’s CPHB LED high bay fixture for the space. Additionally, this fixture also qualified for lighting rebates, which further saved the customer money. Finally, Bay Lighting worked with Thrive’s electrical contractor, Cook Electric, to review timelines and set up a plan of execution.

The Benefits


This project exceeded the lighting requirements from Thrive while meeting both the time and budget requirements. Light levels were doubled, going from 20-foot candles to 50-foot candles with excellent uniformity. Shadows and dim areas were eliminated, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing experience for both instructors and students. Additionally, long-lasting LED lighting will reduce maintenance time of changing lamps in hard-to-reach fixtures.

Before New Lighting
After New Lighting

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