LED Parking Lot Illumination

LED Parking Lot Illumination

  • Parking Facility
  • Healthcare Facility
  • Washington, DC

Savings At-A-Glance

  • Energy Savings: 121,387 kWh/year or 53% annual kWh savings
  • Total Project Cost: $71,000
  • Energy Savings: $40,057 annually
  • Maintenance Savings: $2,165 annually
  • Net 5-Year Savings: $140,114
  • Payback: 1.68 years
When it comes to parking garage lighting, our number one priority is to leave customers with a well-lit, secure area. When we began a partnership with a popular healthcare facility in Washington, DC that was their top concern, too. With thousands of employees and guests parking daily, and at all hours, the a primary goal was to fix underlit areas.

The Opportunity

Existing high pressure sodium fixtures and fluorescent T8 bulbs made the garage cave like and lighting had an orange color. Current lighting was getting caught up in garage beams. Light bulbs were continually going out leaving dark spots and increasing safety concerns.
Before and After of Parking garage lighting image on Bay Lighting's commercial lighting website

The Solution

Existing fixtures and lamps were replaced with RAB LED fixtures resulting in a significantly brighter garage. RAB’s porto fixture was attached to a pendant that hung past garage beams, enabling even light distribution. RAB 2 x 4 flat panels were used in drop ceilings.

The Benefits

The garage is a bright white with even light distribution allowing visitors to feel safe and see their surroundings at any hour. Long-lasting, energy-efficient LED fixtures have increased savings through maintenance and energy, as noted in our savings-at-a-glance.
A total of 21 exterior RAB LED fixtures were installed by Bay Lighting which included the following product and quantities: ALED3T150 (16), FXLED150T (4), and FXLED78SF (1).

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