March 16, 2020

Lighting Fixture Trends for 2020: 5 Products that Go Beyond the 2×4

LED technology has taken control of the lighting market and with it has come the development of new architectural fixtures that go well beyond the old 2’ x 2’ and 2’ x 4’ troffers. Manufacturers are creating sleek, modern designs while continuing to improve energy efficiency and light output. Our Bay Lighting specialists have highlighted 5 that stand out from pack. Each fixture featured is DLC rated and offers a unique set of options that can be tailored to individual needs.

1. Signify’s Ledalite Chopstick Suspend – The LEDALITE product line from Signify offers an extensive range of architectural LED solutions. The Chopstick takes a clean, minimalist approach while delivering big performance and optimal energy efficiency. Be it in the classroom, boardroom, office, or hospitality, this fixture is perfect for any location. The Chopstick comes in three 4’, 6’, and 8’ lengths and offers optional sensor integration that can provide 30-35% more energy savings. [Download Spec Sheet]

Image of an office space on Bay Lighting's website

2. Metalux RBG – This elegant LED slot fixture offers stylish lines of light and a super shallow plenum making it great for any application. It can be surface, recessed, or suspension mounted. What sets this product apart is a selectable switch with three selectable lumen levels and three selectable color temperatures, making the RBG adaptable to the needs of the space and setting. The RBG also comes with sensor and communication options for additional energy savings. [Download Spec Sheet]

3. Eaton Converge Neo Ray – Eaton has created this low-voltage LED luminaire to elegantly float above any space. The uniquely curved, Wavestream™ optics give this fixture a wide range of control options allowing the user to maximize efficiency, reduce maintenance, and increase savings. The converge is offered in 4’, 8’, and continuous runs for one consistent row of light. [Download Spec Sheet]

4. Nicor Altair LSA – The LSA is a unique LED linear fixture that combines 90% direct and 10% indirect lighting for a less glaring effect. With the 0-10 volt dimming capability the Altair LSA gives users the ability to create ideal ambiance for any setting or environment. This fixture is easy to install and available in three mounting options: surface, pendant, and aircraft cable. [Download Spec Sheet]

5. T-Bar by JLC – What sets the T-Bar apart from every other LED fixture is that it is the ONLY lighting product designed, approved, and patented to replace the cross members in a suspended grid ceiling. This fixture is only 1” wide and installs into the cross tees with no tools necessary! With an assortment of sizes, the design possibilities are endless. The T-Bar is perfect for renovation projects because there’s no plenum occupancy. [Download Spec Sheet]

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