February 3, 2022

LED Lighting: What You Need to Know before Replacing Your Drivers

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Why LED Drivers are Necessary for Commercial Lighting Efficiency

LED drivers are a critical component of any LED light or lighting array. They convert high voltage AC power to lower voltage DC. In doing so, they reduce energy usage, protect your LED lights from damage, maintain steady output even during power surges, and may provide dimming capability. To learn more about their basic functionality and replacement, visit our page, Replacing LED Drivers – Where to Start.

LED drivers may be either internal or external. An internal LED driver is housed inside the bulb assembly. An external driver, on the other hand, is housed in a separate location. External LED drivers are used more often for commercial lighting arrays in areas such as:

  • Commercial offices
  • Parking facilities
  • Multi-family housing
  • Institutional spaces such as schools and colleges
  • Flex spaces

They serve the same function as an internal LED driver but make replacement easier for an array by being housed in a single location.

LED drivers are manufactured in two basic varieties: constant current drivers and constant voltage drivers. Constant current drivers provide a constant current measured in amps while varying the voltage along the electronic circuit. Constant voltage LED drivers, on the other hand, maintain a steady voltage similar to outlets in your home. Constant current drivers have the advantage of helping with a steadier level of brightness while avoiding burnout.

Signs You Need to Replace Your LED Driver

LED drivers can fail due to two major causes: overdriving and underdriving. Overdriving occurs when a malfunctioning driver delivers a current to your LED light or LED array that is too high. Underdriving means the current is too low. Either overdriving or underdriving means that your LED driver has become faulty.

Some common signs of a faulty LED driver include:

  • Flickering
  • Buzzing
  • Lights becoming brighter or dimmer than usual
  • Lighting failures either permanent or temporary
  • Lights burning out sooner than life expectancy or warranty

Information Bay Lighting Will Request for LED Driver Replacement

Bay Lighting provides commercial lighting solutions in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia. If you suspect your driver has become faulty, Bay Lighting will request some simple information to ensure you receive the driver you require. First, we will request fixture information including type, model, and make. We’ll also want a picture of the driver, including the labeling and the approximate dimensions of your driver.

With that information, Bay Lighting will determine if the appropriate driver is available. Also, determining whether you replace an entire fixture for an internal driver, or only the driver itself, often depends on the price point. That is, Bay Lighting will work to help you determine the best immediate savings and overall value of either option. See our Lighting Maintenance guide to learn more and explore the benefits of LED lighting.

The Benefits of Keystone Smart Current LED Drivers

Bay Lighting often recommends the use of Keystone Smart Current LED Drivers for your LED driver replacement. These drivers are known for their longevity and are easy to program. They also feature dimming capability of 1% to 10% on a linear, inverse log, or square log dimming curve. The dimming feature is a must for commercial lighting purposes because it provides the same benefits you may enjoy at home. Some benefits associated with dimmability include:

  • Greater energy conservation
  • Lower utility bills
  • Can be adjusted by time of day
  • Greater team productivity
  • Overall better aesthetics in any commercial space

Keystone Smart Current LED Drivers are available in a variety of power options from 12W to 100W, designed to suit even the most demanding commercial purposes. Keystone’s thermal foldback temperature feature includes the ranges 167°F, 185°F, or 194°F, allowing the driver to cool down and prolong life expectancy of the driver and, therefore, your LED lights. Additionally, an auto program feature provides for multiple drivers if needed at the same settings. The end result of this choice saves you both time and money.

Plus, the touchpad interface is simple for anyone in the office to use. Bay Lighting will take pride in assisting you with any programming of your new, dependable LED driver as well as addressing any questions or concerns you may have.


When it comes to replacing LED drivers and overall commercial lighting efficiency and savings in the Chesapeake Bay area, don’t try to tackle the job on your own. Let the experts at Bay Lighting assist you with the best commercial lighting options available. Contact Bay Lighting online, or call us at 301-858-9494.

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