January 14, 2022

Is Your Commercial Property Getting the Most out of Lighting Rebates?

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Did you know that your commercial property may be losing money even before you turn the lights on? That’s because many office property owners and managers don’t know about substantial commercial lighting rebates in Washington, D.C. and Maryland. Let’s look at which energy efficiency rebates may be available to you before implementing your property’s next lighting upgrade.

What Are Commercial Lighting Rebates?

Commercial lighting rebates provide businesses with financial incentives to upgrade their lamps and fixtures for greater efficiency. That means that you can save money in two ways: first by purchasing the product at a rebated price, and then with lower utility bills from less energy use.

In the D.C. area, for instance, both DC Sustainable Energy Utility (DCSEU) and Pepco may offer valuable rebate incentives for your green energy upgrade. Similarly, BGE and Pepco offer discount plans in Maryland.

Does My Property Qualify for a Lighting Rebate?

The legal terrain can be complicated. Those responsible for lighting at commercial properties should partner with a lighting distributor authorized to offer rebates from utility companies. Not all lighting suppliers are eligible to sell lamps and fixtures at the rebated price. Your utility company will have a list of authorized sellers. A professional commercial lighting supplier and installer such as Bay Lighting can guide you through the process and ensure you benefit from the full range of rebates available to you.

What’s more, an authorized lighting distributor will know which lamps and fixtures qualify for rebates based on energy savings. They will be aware of prescriptive rebate opportunities from your utility companies, as well as the instant lighting discounts. These are rebates based on distinct lighting and energy consumption specifications required to qualify for your rebate. Many opportunities for prescriptive rebates are missed because they take time and effort to apply. An authorized supplier will take the time to look for all opportunities to benefit their customers. Unlike instant rebates, they can take longer for approval but with Bay Lighting’s administrative process, there is no waiting for customers.

Instant rebates, on the other hand, are pre-determined by the utility company. BGE instant rebates, Pepco instant rebates, and DCSEU instant rebates each follow their own plans for qualifying energy-efficient lighting upgrades. Learn more about Commercial Lighting Rebate Opportunities as they pertain to each utility provider.

Popular Ways to Meet Energy Efficiency Guidelines at Your Property

Bay Lighting provides multiple opportunities to take advantage of both lower energy bills and utility provider rebates.

For instance, LED T8 Lamps provide a lifetime savings of approximately $100 per lamp. Manufactured by SATCO, RAB, Philips, Green Creative, and GE, they provide flicker-free savings of over 62% and reduce lamp changes by 250% with a five-year warranty. Best of all, rebates are available in most areas served by Bay Lighting.

On the other hand, LED A-Lamps, or traditional light bulbs, can save a lot by replacing your compact fluorescent bulbs with minimal investment. Converting to LED can save you money all around. DC additionally offers substantial, instant rebates for your fixtures including 2X2 and 2X4 troffers.

When Is the Best Time to Upgrade My Commercial Lighting for a Rebate?

The short answer is, it depends. For instance, rebates may change in any given year. It all depends if the program is hitting their energy savings goals. When year-end energy reduction goals are not met, rebate programs will want lighting suppliers to seek more opportunities. BGE, Pepco, and DCSEU each create their own guidelines based on circumstances and needs.

If considering an upgrade, you’ll want to work with a qualified lighting distributor and/or installer to make the most of your rebate opportunity. But never hold off too long waiting for a golden opportunity. LED upgrades for your office, garage, or parking area can begin saving you money immediately on your utility bills.

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If you are looking for an energy efficient lighting upgrade for your interior or exterior commercial space in the D.C. and Maryland, you’ll want to ask the right questions of your contractor or lighting supplier. One such question is, “are you authorized to offer instant lighting discounts and prescriptive rebates to me through my utility program.” Bay Lighting is one such company that can supply energy efficient lighting solutions for your commercial property. Our specialist will also take the time to ensure you receive the best available rebates for your lighting upgrade.

Contact us online for your lasting lighting solutions or call 301-945-7033. We strive to offer our clients the best LED lighting upgrade available while maximizing your rebate potential.

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