Fluorescent to LED Lamps

Fluorescent to LED Lamps


United States Naval Academy

  • Institutional
  • Annapolis, Maryland

Lighting Synopsis


Partnering with IAP Worldwide Services on lighting solutions at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA), Bay Lighting has supplied materials, consulted on projects, and offered industry training at the Annapolis campus. In recent years, our specialists have been instrumental in LED conversion, one order at a time. According to US News, the US Naval Academy was established in 1845, is home to over 4,500 undergraduates, and sits on 338 acres. The sprawling campus has a need for a wide variety of lighting fixtures, from athletic fields to classrooms, dorm rooms to dining halls.

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The Opportunity

The Naval Academy desired to convert to energy efficient LED lighting across campus, one order at a time.

Bay Lighting Solution

After receiving IAP’s material requisition, Bay Lighting reviewed the list of current flourescent lamps and replaced each item with comparable LED products focusing on the following criteria:

  • maximum energy savings
  • utility rebate certification
  • premium LED performance

The Benefits

Over the past several years, Bay Lighting and the Academy have converted over 3,000 fluorescent tubes to TLEDs. This just one example on the list of lamps that continue to be updated. One order at a time the USNA is saving energy and money!
As demonstrated by the USNA and their facilities management company, IAP Worldwide Services, converting to LED lighting can be done in smaller, manageable phases. Bay Lighting is available as an instrumental partner to ensure you are meeting your goals and selecting compatible LED lamps.

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