Universal Mount Exit Signs

Universal Mount Exit Signs


Polinger Company

  • Commercial Office
  • Chevy Chase, Maryland

Lighting Sypnosis

Key Features:
  • “All in One” Box
  • Field Adaptable
  • LED Lighting
  • Damp Location Listed
  • Architectural Grade Quality
  • U3-Year Full Manufacturer’s Warranty
Field Adaptable:
  • Chevrons allow for easy removal
  • Single or Double Face
  • Recessed, Surface, Wall or Ceiling Mount
  • Red or Green LED illumination

Featured Products: Simplicity Edge-Lit Exit Sign

With a portfolio that includes managing over 3 million square feet of commercial office, retail, and mixed-use space throughout the DMV area, Polinger Company manages a large volume of commercial real estate properties. They have a reputation for high quality life and work environments for residents and corporate tenants.

The Opportunity

Recognizing a desire to streamline processes, Polinger reached out to Bay Lighting for a better solution to exit signs. As with many companies, exit signs were predetermined based on architectural plans and with large scale buildings it wasn’t an effective use of time to count each sign, determine the mount style, facing, and the direction of the chevrons. Polinger was typically ordering based on their best guess which, at times, was unreliable and caused delay.

Bay Lighting Solution

After talking with Polinger, Bay Lighting recommended an edge-lit exit sign that allowed for field adjustments. These signs could be easily changed to single or double facing, right or left directional arrows, and surface or recessed mounting styles. This one size fits all approach allowed for total flexibility and consistency,and became the standard in exit signs, saving Polinger employees time and needless worry.

The Benefits

By implementing this product, Polinger has saved time and frustration for employees relying on estimating exit sign orders in the past. Project managers have also reduced waste and eliminated any delays due to incorrect materials.
By setting the standard for flexible exit signs, Polinger Company has saved time, money, and frustration at numerous commercial office and multi-family properties. One such property is 601 New Jersey Avenue in Washington, DC, pictured below.

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