Antique Chandelier Retrofitted

Antique Chandelier Retrofitted


The Walters Art Museum

  • Institutional
  • Baltimore, Maryland

Saving At-A-Glance


Instant rebates were applied by Bay Lighting.

  • Energy Savings: 22.706 kWh/year or 90% annual kWh savings
  • Total Project Cost: $1,080
  • Rebates Paid: $936
  • Cost to Customer: $144
  • Annual Savings: $2,953
  • Payback: 18 days
Since inception, The Walters Art Museum has graciously made art freely accessible to the Baltimore area for all to experience. Their collection spans over 7,000 years and encompasses 36,000 objects from around the world. A variety of lighting is used to enhance displays, lighten classrooms, and brighten archival areas, and most recently, Bay Lighting assisted in converting antique chandelier lamps to LED lighting.

Lighting Synopsis

Short Life – 2,000 hours
High Energy – 40 Watts/Bulb
Inconsistent Bulb Color
Excessive Maintenance
Long Life – 15,000 hours
Low Energy – 4 Watts/Bulb
Traditional Incandescent Look
Low Maintenance
Smooth Dimming

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