How to Qualify for Money-Saving Commercial Lighting RebatesIf you are a commercial property owner, you might be eligible for major savings through a rebate program. Utility companies across the United States are implementing these programs in an effort to reduce energy waste. Rebate programs provide savings for business owners while promoting sustainability and energy conservation. 

Types of LED Rebates

There are two types of rebates – instant and prescriptive.  

  • Instant – Predetermined by each company, instant rebates can generate savings for your commercial space quickly. 
  • Prescriptive – Qualifications are based on proper submission of the energy efficient fixture. These rebates are not paid out instantly and take a little longer for approval.

That might sound kind of confusing, which is why we handle all of the paperwork for you. This is often a long, involved process, so we complete and submit it on your behalf. 

These rebate programs apply to specific products, so we do our best to select products we know will qualify. In fact, we are the top performer with instant rebates for Pepco, and our president sat on their advisory board.

LED Energy Savings

Energy is a major expense for any business. Lighting undoubtedly makes up a large portion of the budget, especially if you have a large building or warehouse. 

Rebate programs provide an incentive for property owners to buy energy-efficient lighting. It’s a win-win situation: you save money on fixtures and bulbs you need, while generating less energy waste. Lighting products that qualify for rebates are often long-lasting and require less energy to power, like LED technology.

Qualifications for Commercial Lighting Rebates

If you own or manage a commercial space, you may be eligible for rebates that can save you a lot of money in the long run. Consult the list below to find out if you qualify.

  • Your utility company must offer a rebate program
  • Your products qualify for their rebate program.
  • Your distributor participates in the program.
  • You’ve completed and submitted all of the necessary paperwork.

If all of the above factors apply to you, you are most likely eligible for savings through a rebate program! The best way to be certain, however, is to consult your lighting distributor.

Working with Bay Lighting

Bay Lighting is a certified distributor for BGE, Pepco, and DCSEU rebate programs for businesses within the commercial sector. We generally work with large properties towards finding the rebates that will save them the most money and creating the most energy-efficient space possible. For more details on the rebate programs we offer through BGE, Pepco, and DCSEU, click here.

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Contact Bay Lighting today to speak with a lighting expert. We can help you choose light fixtures that qualify for D.C. and Maryland rebates and save on energy costs for your company. If you are wondering whether your existing products qualify for a rebate, call us at 301-858-9494 so we can answer your questions and work with you towards a solution.