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Why Our Partnerships Matter

It’s All About The Communities We Collectively Serve

When we think of our partnerships, we are reminded of all of the people we interact with – directly, or indirectly. There are all of our relationships with manufacturers, utility companies, customers, and most importantly – these relations trickle down to our customer’s customers.

Once Bay Lighting becomes your trusted resource – it’s about solving problems that benefit everyone: property owners, tenants, employees; members of a shared town, city, or community.

Our long-standing relationships with product manufacturers and utility companies allow our lighting specialists to consider every piece of the puzzle and define the objectives. Working with the same goals in mind, we can provide premier lighting solutions.

In-person meeting with Bay Lighting's partners

Doing It Right – Together With Our Manufacturers

It’s about the science of lighting. We don’t guess at the best lighting solution. We look at the number of foot candles, photometrics, drawings, and the guidelines in your area for outdoor parking lot requirements, for instance. This process paired with product knowledge allows our lighting specialist to make the optimum recommendation to you when it comes to lighting. Our manufacturers are of great support as they continue to enrich our learning with monthly product trainings and, did we mention that we strive to recommend manufacturers that are known and reputable. And, with a warranty to back their products.

Collaborating with vendors strengthens our effectiveness

We Are In It For The Long Haul – Our Customer Relationships

Bay Lighting strives to cultivate long-lasting relationships with customers as opposed to “one-and-done” scenarios. Our interest is to get know you, your property, your customers, so we can truly put together a long-term, sustainable approach.

This long-term personal relationship results in added benefits. By purchasing with Bay Lighting, you can count on us to:

  • Walk your property to create your lighting portfolio and timeline recommendations and goals for lighting at each application
  • Offer multiple solutions to achieve your bigger project goals, as requested, so that we may deliver energy efficiency at price points that fit your budget
  • Research and identify rebate opportunities to further assist with savings
  • Handle all warranty issues on fixtures purchased from us, so long the warranty is still active
  • Selling your property? Contact us to request your lighting portfolio, showcase your lighting enhancements, as well as your organization, an added bonus for potential buyers.
  • Present product training to your employees, in person or virtually, to learn about the latest industry trends in the evolving world of lighting

A main focus for Bay Lighting is providing support to each of our customer types. Contractors, we offer a complete inventory of lighting fixtures, exit signs, and emergency lights to complete your tenant build-outs. Our broad inventory of lamps and ballasts are a valuable resource for the contractor that is focused on lighting service and maintenance.

We fully understand the challenges facing commercial property management companies and we have developed the most comprehensive offering in the Baltimore Washington metropolitan area marketplace. Our offerings include solutions for office space, common areas, restrooms, stairwells, mechanical rooms, lobbies, parking garages, and building exteriors.

Sustainable solutions are a priority. Energy savings, financial savings, and safe, proper recycling are always top of mind. Our eager and efficient staff is ready to assist with your next project and we look forward to building and growing a partnership with your organization.

Strategic Industry Relationships Are A Plus – Our Utilities and Industry Groups

Bay Lighting has spent decades creating a network of industry partners who are reliable, cost-effective, and offer critical thinking and one driving piece to our decision making comes from our utility companies. We are pleased to have great relationships with our local utilities – Pepco, BGE, and DCSEU – in fact, one of our owner’s serves on the board for Pepco’s utility rebates program. In 2019, we were awarded the top business for instant discounts with Pepco’s Energy Savings for Business Program.
As a member of the iMark Electrical Group, we are able to take advantage of many things that smaller companies might not otherwise be able to… such as group pricing which allows us to be competitive with larger lighting companies. We also take advantage of educational opportunities through iMark, in addition to our local trainings.
Certificate Of Recognition - PEPCO Award


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August 29, 2022
In April, the Department of Energy finalized two rules requiring manufactures to sell energy-efficient lightbulbs. This means older, inefficient lightbulbs that don’t meet the new standards can no longer be manufactured and sold. The primary purposes for these rules are to drive down electricity use, save consumers money, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
July 15, 2022
It’s estimated that schools spend billions of dollars annually on energy, and it’s often the second-highest operating expenditure (following personnel costs). Each year, these expenses continue to increase while budgets often decrease, leading educators to look for ways to save money throughout the year. One way is by making some lighting updates that are more energy efficient, therefore saving money on energy bills. LED uses up to 75% less energy than conventional lighting systems, which keeps dollars in your budget for other important things.


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