RAB ALED150 – 150 Watt Area Light

RAB ALED150 – 150 Watt Area Light

RAB Lighting’s 150 watt LED area light replaces 400 watt metal halide fixtures one-for-one. ALED150 is precision-engineered with specification-grade optics that deliver clean, uniform light without glare. This high-efficiency fixture reduces energy consumption by 66%. Plus, with a 100,000-hour LED lifespan, maintenance and re-lamping costs are reduced dramatically. ALED150 is available in IES distribution Types Two, Three and Four. Type Two provides a lateral distribution that’s best for wide walkways, on-ramps and bike paths. The Type Three distribution projects light outward and is ideal for roadways, general parking areas and any lighting application where a large pool of light is required. Type Four provides a forward-throw of light that produces a semicircular distribution and is especially suited for mounting near the sides of buildings, around the perimeter of parking areas or street intersections.

78, 105 and 125 watt models are also available, which provide additional lighting design options for a wide range of applications.

The fixture can be mounted on a pole with an arm or optional Slipfitter. Its effective projected area (EPA) is just point-seven-five. ALED is available in bronze and white color finishes and three-color temperatures: cool, neutral and warm. Factory installed photocell and wiring for bi-level operation are also available as options.

The ALED150 also comes with RAB’s industry-leading, No compromise, Five-year Warranty that covers light output, color stability, driver performance and paint finish. Simple comprehensive and valuable, the RAB LED Warranty ensures that your investment is protected.

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