LED Wall Pack Replacement

LED Wall Pack Replacement


8155 Stayton Drive

  • Flex Space
  • Jessup, Maryland

Product At-A-Glance

Lithonia LED TWH Wall Pack
  • Adjustable light output
  • Long-life
  • Easy to install
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • DLC Standard, UL, and UL Wet Location
  • Fully gasketed tempered glass
  • 83% energy savings compared to traditional light sources
The property at 8155 Stayton Drive in Jessup, Maryland is a flex space building primarily used for warehouse space. The facility is located in an area with many similar sized buildings and it has loading docks for daily deliveries and pick-ups on one side.

The Opportunity

The flex space property had dark, underlit pathways and parking areas. These outdoor areas were being lit with metal-halide wall packs, the majority of which were performing poorly or not working. Stayton Drive desired to bring light levels up to standard and maintain a safe environment for employees and guests.

Bay Lighting Solution

Management company Jones Lange Lasalle (JLL) wanted to maintain consistency between like buildings in their portfolio. Lithonia LED TWH wall packs were selected and based on photometrics, our specialist determined a one-to-one swap would achieve desire goals.

The Benefits

Upon installation of the new wall packs, outdoor light levels were achieved for pathways, loading docks, and parking areas. As a result, safety concerns due to low lighting were eliminated. By converting to LED the customer will save time with longer lasting lights and save energy with more efficient technology.

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    Graph on Bay Lighting's website
    Photometrics are a great way to determine illumination based on the dimension of an area. See reference chart above provided by Lithonia.
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