Bright Ideas

Parking Garage Improvements

Well lighted and safe parking garages are an important part of daily life. In addition to our government mandating a minimal performance for lighting fixtures/bulbs, Bay Lighting offers multiple solutions to help you save on your electric bill and long-term maintenance costs. Here’s a typical example:

  • EXISTING CONDITION: 100w, 150w, and 175w metal halide, requires daily maintenance to keep in working order, provides poor lighting and leaves garages with dark areas, energy hungry, $238/yr to operate
  • BAY LIGHTING SOLUTION #1: high-quality fluorescent, maintenance free for 3 years, well distributed light eliminating dark areas, energy conscious, $63/yr to operate, utility company rebates available!
  • BAY LIGHTING SOLUTION #2: high-quality LED, maintenance free for 12 years, pinpoint light distribution for optimum illumination,energy wise, $43/yr to operate, aggressive utility company rebates available!
High Quality
High Quality
BETTER. We compare things like lumens, footcandles, lux, brightness, color, operating temperature, and candlepower. Bottomline, we help you see better. sun-1 sun-2 sun-3
CHEAPER. Not just the initial cost, but the ongoing maintenance and replacement costs, not to mention the cost of your time! $238/yr $63/yr $43/yr
GREENER. Making the world a brighter place and helping save the earth at the same time. A cool concept that we bring to life considering materials, recycle-ability, and eco footprint. coins-1 coins-2 coins-3