July 19, 2023

The Value of a Commercial Lighting Consultation at Your Property

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Managers of large-scale commercial buildings have a lot to keep track of when it comes to lighting. Consultations with lighting professionals – designers and specifiers – most certainly occurs before new construction or renovation but responsible engineers and property managers should also schedule a lighting consultation after the building has opened.

Lighting specialists will conduct a commercial lighting consultation to document what is currently in place. This will allow them to better understand your current situation and needs, and then help you plan ahead for the best lighting upgrades or renovations for your space. Despite a building being brand new, there still might be technology or fixtures that need to be considered for change. For example, a parking garage built in recent times, but with plans from many years prior, might have old technology specified and installed due to delays in construction

Read on to learn more about what a lighting consultation is, the benefits of having one, and how a consultation works. For this instance, we are speaking to consultations for existing buildings.

Understanding Commercial Lighting Consultations for Existing Buildings

A lighting consultation is when a professional gathers information about the current lights in use, identifies lighting technologies and light levels, and follows up with recommended lighting options. Recommendations might be based on energy savings, poor lighting, or aesthetics among other things. Lighting specialists can work with electricians and other professionals to ensure proper installation of your new lighting to guarantee satisfaction.

Ultimately, as a product of a commercial lighting consultation, a lighting expert can help create a photometric plan that achieves your lighting design goals while also creating a vision that’s within your budget.

Lighting is an important element to both interior and exterior areas, but there are a lot of factors that go into ensuring each area has the proper lighting for the space and the occupants.

Benefits of a Commercial Lighting Consultation

Enhanced Aesthetics

A lighting professional can give you expert advice on existing light fixtures and new additions. The rules of where and how to install a light fixture by location can be tricky, and a professional can help provide direction on size, style, and placement for light fixtures. Many statement pieces, such as an elaborate, decorative chandelier just inside the entrance might have been selected by a designer but might need to be converted to LED or need a few replacement shades.

When talking about aesthetics, pendants, sconces, flush mounts and other multi-family fixtures are top of mind. Often, apartment managers are looking for a refresh in units, for example. Putting together a lighting package, keeping consistent between units, while maintaining your budget can be reviewed during your visit.

They can also provide tailored lighting design recommendations for your desired ambiance, whether that’s romantic, bright and playful, restful, creative, active, or something else. Not only does this come into play with the fixtures themselves and where they go, but also color, color temperature, and balance of natural vs. artificial light.

Improved Functionality

During a commercial lighting consultation, a professional will assess your lighting needs for specific areas. Kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, offices, hallways, stairways, and entryways all have different lighting guidelines and requirements for functionality, ambiance, and security. They can help you optimize lighting solutions for specific tasks and activities depending on how the space will be used.

Safety is important at commercial properties so making sure you lighting is performing as expected is something that your consultant will ask about and observe. Most building walk throughs are performed during the day light so the consultant will rely on you drawing attention to any concerns.

Energy Efficiency and Cost Savings

A lighting consultation can provide professional recommendations for energy-efficient lighting, whether that’s replacing entire fixtures or simply upgrading to LED bulbs. Your lighting expert can also provide insights on long-term cost benefits of efficient lighting choices. For example, LED bulbs are not only 75% more energy efficient, but they are also 25 times more cost effective than incandescent bulbs. This immediately saves you money on energy bills and also decreases long-term maintenance costs.

Expertise in Lighting Technology

Lighting technology has developed rapidly in recent years, particularly in terms of the power efficiency of a light source. LED technology is the most popular choice, taking the place of fluorescent, metal halide, and other outdated technologies. While solar applications might be a possibility for certain applications, this technology is one that is wise to discuss to ensure it’s a fit before purchasing.

During a lighting consultation, your lighting professional can also share their knowledge of advanced lighting controls, automation, trends, and innovations that can not only make your commercial property stand out, while also saving you money.

How a Commercial Lighting Consultation Works

There are three primary steps to a lighting consultation at your property:

  1. Initial Assessment: This is when the lighting professional does an evaluation of your existing lighting set up as they walk your property. They will also take note of your current lamp list, as well as fixtures, life safety products, and potential rebate opportunities. They will want feedback from you in regard to any projects that are top of mind, trouble areas, and budget.
  2. Lighting Design Proposal: Based on your discussion, your lighting specialist will put together a quote with any rebate opportunities based on your lamp list. This will also include any lamp retrofit opportunities and savings analysis. Looking at the bigger picture, if there are any upcoming project opportunities, depending on the application, your consultant will put together a lighting layout to ensure balanced light levels. You should also receive a savings analysis for any LED retrofit projects and specification sheets for proposed lamps and fixtures.
  3. Installation and Implementation: Installation can be done by your electrician of choice and materials can be purchased from your lighting supplier specialist or your specialist can propose a turn-key solution. You might already work with an electrician that is familiar with your building or you might prefer to have the materials and installation all come from the same company. Controls will need to be commissioned, as applicable, and training should be provided to the end user. Trash and recycling should also be accounted for, especially with any fluorescent lamps which are considered hazardous waste due to mercury content.

In Conclusion

A commercial lighting consultation can help enhance the aesthetics of lighting in your space, whether it be a parking facility, multi-family housing, institution, or any other commercial property. It can help you improve functionality, energy-efficiency, and cost savings. Plus, with expertise in commercial lighting technology, a lighting professional can recommend the latest and greatest lighting options to meet your goals.

A good lighting consultant can add value, creativity, and cost-savings to your commercial lighting project. Not only can they help ensure the lighting meets the needs of the room, but they can also ensure its aesthetically pleasing, functionally, and energy efficient. This may not seem like something you need to hire a professional for, but it takes a certain level of skill to master lighting design.

Trust Bay Lighting for Exceptional Commercial Lighting Services

Bay Lighting was founded in 2003 to provide commercial companies premier lighting solutions for their facilities. Working consistently with customers, employees, and vendors in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. area, we work hard to achieve customer satisfaction. Bay Lighting offers commercial lighting consultations to help ensure you reach your goals for a modern, brighter, safer, and enhanced space.

Schedule a lighting consultation with one of our lighting experts today.

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