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Reduce Total Wattage and Increase Illumination

Using LED Technology To Reduce Total Wattage By 50% and Increase Illumination 4X Fixtures: Existing metal halide upgraded to LED Application: The existing lighting did not provide the required illumination for safety and security. We utilized LED technology to maximize lighting performance while utilizing existing pole locations and circuitry. Benefits: Total wattage reduction of 50% Increase in Illumination 4X Lamp [...]

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Parking Garage Improvements

Well lighted and safe parking garages are an important part of daily life. In addition to our government mandating a minimal performance for lighting fixtures/bulbs, Bay Lighting offers multiple solutions to help you save on your electric bill and long-term maintenance costs. Here’s a typical example: EXISTING CONDITION: 100w, 150w, and 175w metal halide, requires [...]

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