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NFPA Rules Require 90 Minutes Of Lighting Outside Building Exits

When it comes to egress lighting requirements, there is conflicting verbiage between the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101), the Uniform Building Code (UBC), and the International Building Code (IBC). This conflict can lead to varying interpretations of egress lighting requirements from jurisdiction to jurisdiction for both interior and exterior areas of commercial buildings. [...]

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Reduce Total Wattage and Increase Illumination

Using LED Technology To Reduce Total Wattage By 50% and Increase Illumination 4X Fixtures: Existing metal halide upgraded to LED Application: The existing lighting did not provide the required illumination for safety and security. We utilized LED technology to maximize lighting performance while utilizing existing pole locations and circuitry. Benefits: Total wattage reduction of 50% Increase in Illumination 4X Lamp [...]

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Parking Garage Improvements

Well lighted and safe parking garages are an important part of daily life. In addition to our government mandating a minimal performance for lighting fixtures/bulbs, Bay Lighting offers multiple solutions to help you save on your electric bill and long-term maintenance costs. Here’s a typical example: EXISTING CONDITION: 100w, 150w, and 175w metal halide, requires [...]

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