December 8, 2022

2023 Lighting Trends Inspired by Starfish

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Lighting plays a critical role in commercial spaces, providing safety and security, setting the mood and atmosphere, and supporting health and wellness. New technology is also making being connected to your commercial property more accessible – and necessary – especially for new builds or upgrades.

Some companies are developing new lighting solutions that allow you to connect to your property and create a place that fits your commercial environment, like Satco with their new Starfish lighting solution and mobile app. Not only are these products ideal for residential homes and apartments, but also commercial space as well.

Here are four lighting trends you can take advantage of now:

Image of a SATCO Starfish smart bulb on Bay Lighting's commercial lighting website

Smart Lighting Takes Over

Smart lighting includes lightbulbs and outlets controlled via a smartphone or another mobile device. This gives you complete control over the atmosphere of your space, as well as energy consumption. You can create different lighting based on mood or activity, schedule lights to turn on and off at specific times, change colors, and more, regardless of where you are.

Additionally, smart lighting can add an extra layer of security through smart lighting sensors, scheduling, and voice control. Smart lighting can even support physical and mental wellness for management, staff, and/or residents. Set your lighting to follow the sleep/wake cycle, correlate color temperatures, adjust with natural daylight, and more.

Commercial spaces can take advantage of smart lighting to ensure their hallways, bathrooms, parking lots, and other common areas are properly lit while also saving money on energy costs through programming, lighting sensors, and voice control. Residential spaces and apartments can use this technology to create a more comfortable environment with the convenience of controlling lighting through a mobile app.

For example, try the Starfish WI-FI 15A ON-OFF Outlet that enables smart on/off control through your plug-in outlets, perfect for small appliances like table lamps, coffee makers, and other electronics.

Another option is the LED A19 RGB and Tunable White Smart Bulb that comes with dynamic color changing light and thousands of whites. Control dimming, colors, and temperature settings with the Starfish app. Or, try the 5W LED A19 Clear Tunable White Filament Bulbs that combine a vintage look with modern technology, spicing up your space regardless of its use. There are endless variations of warm to cool white, adding intrigue to your home.

Highlight Features with Accent Lighting

Tape lighting, or strip lighting, is a discrete lighting option that’s perfect for unexpected and/or hard-to-reach areas that couldn’t be lit otherwise. The Starfish WI-FI 20W Indoor LED RGB & Tunable White tape light comes in variety of colors, is dimmable, and can be trimmed to fit any space for an every-changing array of versatility. These lights are also easy to install with a self-adhesive strip and perfect for places like:

  • Under cabinets to create a better-lit workspace.
  • Along toe kicks under lower cabinets to provide a colorful glow.
  • Under shelves to spotlight collections, books, products, and other items.
  • Under resident beds in living spaces.
  • Behind computer and TV screens to help relieve eye strain and make images clearer.
Image of tape lighting from SATCO on Bay Lighting's commercial lighting website

Another option is lighting specifically designed for under your cabinet, such as the Starfish Wi-Fi 11-, 14- or 22-inch LED RGB and Tunable White Smart Under Cabinet Light. Now with smart wi-fi technology, these light options are a fun way to brighten up your commercial space. Build a “scene” to accommodate special events or adjust the white option from warm and cozy to cool and task-driven depending on your mood. Other capabilities like dimming capabilities, timers, and voice control make these lights perfect for any space.

These lights are also great for apartment spaces, where you may not have as much flexibility with installing light fixtures, but still want to offer smart and fun lighting.

String Lights Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Outdoor lighting adds instant ambiance to any doorway, porch, or exterior space. Whether operations start extra early or you need extra lighting for activities into the evening, adding lighting to your commercial property can make a huge difference. Not only do string lights create a welcoming, inviting feeling, but they also can serve as décor, with elegant and classic designs.

With the Starfish RGB and Warm White Outdoor String Lighting, outdoor relaxation can be more safer and more pleasant, parties and other social gatherings can have a better ambiance and warmth, and you can even use them inside to build a feeling of relaxation. Try these in your offices and communal areas.

These lights are also perfect for giving a new look to commercial outdoor patios, restaurants, or special event venues. They are wet-location certified, easy to install, and portable.

Recessed Lighting Never Goes Out of Style

Whether you’re exploring lighting options for your apartment, office building, residential living space, or any other commercial space, recessed lighting can be a great choice. In general, recessed lighting:

  • Saves on space since it is installed directly in cabinets, ceilings, walls, or other areas where space is a premium.
  • Places focus on the light and not the light fixture.
  • Provides even distribution of light.
  • Directs light toward specific objects.

Recessed lighting is relatively easy and cost-effective to install. Finishes can be changed easily at any time, and bulb temperatures and colors can be adjusted for different room effects. The Starfish LED Tunable White Edge-Lit Remote Driver Downlight requires less than 1” in ceiling height but has thousands of color temperatures and options. They are also ENERGY STAR compliant, making them a cost-effective choice for your commercial space.

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