March 9, 2021

LED Lighting Makes Parking Safer

While LED parking facilities improve the appearance of an establishment, the best feature of LED lamps is often overlooked. Poorly illuminated parking lots and garages fall victim to a wide array of mishaps. From criminals to crashes, proper LED lighting can help prevent unwanted issues in your facility.

Lighting is Essential for Safety

If you are trying to create a safe environment for people, vehicles, and property, lighting should be at the top of your list. It is a fact people feel safer when an area is well lit. On top of feeling, some studies suggest newly installed lighting reduces crime in the area. Properly planned and installed LED lamps can reduce crime and accidents while making people feel safer in your garage or lot.

Darkness is Conducive to Criminals

Poorly illuminated facilities are an opportunity for criminals. Dark garages and lots are prime targets for theft because of limited visibility. Darkness is not the only problem; a poorly planned LED parking area is also a contributing factor to potential issues.

Crime should be a large concern for owners of parking facilities including lots and garages. The FBI reports over 700,000 vehicle thefts each year. The best way to reduce your likelihood of crime is to invest in quality lighting solutions.

Unfortunately, many parking facility owners do not invest in quality LED lighting. Arizona State University cited reluctant lot operators as a large contributor to parking theft. The University claims lots seek to provide parking at minimum cost and fail to “install high-quality lighting, which improves natural surveillance”.

If you care about reducing the chance of crime in your parking facilities make sure to have a professional lighting specialist properly plan and install LED lighting at your parking facility. Continue reading to the end of the article to find out how to make your facility safer.

Inadequate Lighting Causes Accidents

There are already enough distractions on the road today. Proper lighting can reduce mishaps in parking lots or garages. Accidents are prominent in parking facilities; tens of thousands of accidents occur in garages and lots each year. The National Safety Council claims poor lighting is a contributing factor to vehicle and pedestrian parking mishaps.

Inadequately illuminated lots or garages provide opportunities for mishaps such as fender benders, falls or even collisions. Incorrect LED planning leads to hotspots in your parking facility. Some areas will be too bright while others will be too dark. People recognize the safety of the light and swarm to park in the illuminated areas. Rushed planning can lead to congestion in your facility.

To ensure your parking facility minimizes chances for a mishap, illuminate the entirety of your lot or garage. Well illuminated areas will prevent drivers from running into something they do not see. Lighting also helps pedestrians see any potential dangers such as curbs, potholes, or ice.

Photometric Study

The only way to ensure well illuminated parking for your tenants, vehicles, customers, or employees is to have experienced professionals install LED fixtures. An experienced installer will offer a specialized plan for your parking area using a photometric study. A photometric study uses computer modeling to optimize the lighting of an area. This means no areas are overlooked and every inch is properly lit.

When retrofitting your facilities with LED lamps always conduct a photometric study. Photometrics creates a model of your facility and builds custom solutions to properly illuminate your lot or garage. A photometric study is the only way to guarantee quality LED lighting before installation. This study will be your guide to product selection and proper brightness. Skipping a photometric study is a recipe for disaster and without a study, your lot will not be properly illuminated.

Bay Lighting Can Help

Bay Lighting has over 18 years of experience installing parking facility lights in the DC metropolitan area. Our LED solutions are all inclusive making your job hassle free. Bay Lighting uses photometrics on all our parking facility projects. Photometrics allows Bay Lighting to model your facility before installation.

In addition to photometrics, Bay Lighting takes care of any lighting rebate opportunities from utility companies, making your life easy while saving you money. Unlike many installers, we handle warranties on the products we supply and provide assistance at every step of the way. If you are looking for hassle free LED lighting solutions at your commercial property, schedule a consultation with a Bay Lighting specialist. Bay Lighting will provide premier lighting solutions from repair to retrofit, renovation to starting new, at your lot or garage.

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