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Our Approach to Your Turn-Key Parking Lot Lighting

There are more than just a few things to consider when planning your parking lot lighting. Therefore, it’s important to work with a commercial lighting expert to ensure compliance with local ordinances, industry standards, and other important details. If you begin working with someone that skips important planning pieces, your project will face challenges and risk having to re-install lighting again… yes, this happens! It doesn’t matter if you save a ton of energy but are still faced with liabilities due to a dark, unsafe lot.

Commercial Office Dimmable Stairwell Calculator

Converting to dimmable LED stairwell fixtures with sensors are a great way to save energy at your commercial office building. With the addition of LED, dimming, and sensors, stairwell lighting adhering to code will be programmed to full 100% illumination when occupied, and dimmed to 10% illumination when unoccupied. As you can see, the savings can really add up!
Initial Cost of Project
Savings {{ addNumberComma( Math.round( ((((form.wattOrig * form.bulbs) * form.valHours) * form.valDays) * 0.001) - ((((form.wattReplace * form.bulbs) * form.valHours) * form.valDays) * 0.001) ) ) }} kWh

Simple Annual
Energy Savings

${{ addNumberComma( parseFloat( (((((form.wattOrig * form.bulbs) * form.valHours) * form.valDays) * 0.001) * form.costEnergy) - (((((form.wattReplace * form.bulbs) * form.valHours) * form.valDays) * 0.001) * form.costEnergy) ) ) }}

Annual Energy
Cost Savings

{{ form.bulbs > 0 && form.costProject > 0 ? parseFloat( form.costProject / ( (((((form.wattOrig * form.bulbs) * form.valHours) * form.valDays) * 0.001) * form.costEnergy) - (((((form.wattReplace * form.bulbs) * form.valHours) * form.valDays) * 0.001) * form.costEnergy) ) ).toFixed(2) : "N/A" }} Years

Simple Payback

icon Our calculation is based on converting stairwell fixtures from fluorescent to LED with sensors, and takes into account the number of hours and days of operation in a typical office setting.


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August 29, 2022
In April, the Department of Energy finalized two rules requiring manufactures to sell energy-efficient lightbulbs. This means older, inefficient lightbulbs that don’t meet the new standards can no longer be manufactured and sold. The primary purposes for these rules are to drive down electricity use, save consumers money, and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
July 15, 2022
It’s estimated that schools spend billions of dollars annually on energy, and it’s often the second-highest operating expenditure (following personnel costs). Each year, these expenses continue to increase while budgets often decrease, leading educators to look for ways to save money throughout the year. One way is by making some lighting updates that are more energy efficient, therefore saving money on energy bills. LED uses up to 75% less energy than conventional lighting systems, which keeps dollars in your budget for other important things.


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