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Bay Lighting offers a range of lighting solutions in Washington, D.C. Our team of experienced, knowledgeable lighting experts provide LED replacement services throughout the D.C. metropolitan region. Founded in 2003, we have proudly worked with a variety of loyal customers. Our combined 70 years of experience, as well as our commitment to service, have made us an industry leader in the Mid-Atlantic region.

We offer commercial LED replacement services in addition to other energy-efficient lighting upgrades. LED technology is certainly the most popular choice for commercial lighting fixtures. This is because clients are saving a tremendous amount of money as well as energy, which would otherwise be contributing to excess fossil fuel emissions.

Not sure where to start? Our lighting consultants can walk you through every step of the process. Every commercial space has different needs as well as lighting requirements. We’ll examine your individual needs and come up with the perfect combination of LED lighting fixtures for your space. Check out our Bright Ideas Blog for more information and case studies, including our successful ongoing LED replacement project with the Smithsonian.

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Installation & Removal Solutions

We have installed lighting systems in some of the largest buildings across Washington, D.C. Our full lighting packages include expert installation you can rely on. Our licensed technicians can work with any project, and are therefore a valuable resource when it comes to retrofitting LED fixtures.

Typical installation projects include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Retrofit – This process includes utilizing existing technology while upgrading with new energy-efficient solutions. Many customers have worked with us to retrofit their office or retail location to reduce energy footprints.
  • System Upgrades – This includes updating the entire system in your facility with new energy-efficient lighting equipment. We will update fixtures, wiring, lighting controls, and more.
  • Lighting Control Systems – If the goal is modernization at the highest level, an entire system rehaul with occupancy sensors, dimming systems, and more can lead to instant energy savings and create the “wow” factor to impress customers and guests.

Our skilled lighting experts have worked in a variety of spaces, from government agencies to retail locations to universities. We know the importance of being meticulous, detail-oriented, and also communicative through this process. Our customers are our top priority. Therefore, we do everything we can to work around your schedules and cause as little interruption as possible.

Fluorescent bulbs must be properly discarded in accordance with US Environmental Protection Agency guidelines, to prevent toxicity hazards. Thus, we offer recycling services for your fluorescent lamps.

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Recycling Program Benefits:

  • We recycle lamps, ballasts, and batteries
  • Simple per pound cost
  • No hidden pickup fees or fuel surcharges
  • Maximizes storage space by having your used bulbs picked up frequently
  • Saves time as well as resources by combining lamp delivery with recycling pickup
  • Customers will receive a certificate of recycling compliance

D.C. Bucket Truck Services

Our bucket trucks enable our service technicians to repair hard-to-reach lights and work on particularly difficult replacements. This includes parking lots as well as the majority of exterior lighting applications. By providing bucket truck service, we offer the complete package and also streamline the process.

Our Services:

  • $175 per hour for service truck and technician
  • 3 hour minimum, in addition to travel time
  • Fixed per unit cost for material
  • Lamp and ballast recycling
  • Parts and labor warranty

LED Rebates for the D.C. Area

If you’re considering upgrading your D.C. commercial space to LED technology, you may qualify for a rebate or financial incentive. Through our utility companies, we offer commercial lighting rebate opportunities to make the process even easier.

Lighting Rebate Programs

We are an authorized lighting distributor and partner with the following utility companies:

As an authorized lighting distributor for Pepco, DCSEU, BGE, we offer both instant and prescriptive lighting rebates.

  • Prescriptive – Qualifications are based on proper submission of the energy efficient fixture. These rebates are not paid out instantly, and therefore take a little longer for approval, but we handle the entire process.
  • Instant – Predetermined by each company, instant rebates can certainly generate savings for your commercial space quickly.

Our satisfied customers have reported their installation projects paying for themselves in just a few months, depending on rebates and scale. For more on our rebates, click here.


If you’re interested in upgrading your commercial space to LED technology, contact Bay Lighting. We are proud to work with clients throughout D.C. towards making their lighting goals a reality. Call 301-888-5415 to speak with a lighting expert today.


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May 13, 2024
Each year, Earth Day invites us to reflect on the environmental impact of our daily choices and the ways we can build a healthier planet. In the spirit of this day, let’s explore the significant role that lighting plays in our environmental footprint.
April 18, 2024
In 2023, global efforts to boost energy efficiency gained traction, with the International Energy Agency reporting a push to double the rate of progress to 4%. This ambitious goal could slash energy bills by a third and contribute half of the CO2 reductions needed by 2030. Moreover, annual investment in energy efficiency soared by 45% since 2020, indicating a growing commitment to sustainable practices worldwide.


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