Effectively and efficiently supplying facilities with lighting solutions is a passion at Bay Lighting.

We offer a full line of lighting products from manufacturers you can depend on and we have the ability to deliver those products on a Bay Lighting truck the very next day. Your facility can expect dedicated customer representatives to answer questions, educate you on the products that are being purchased, and provide a streamlined ordering process. All this with a commitment to supplying innovative products that meet your facilities budget. Whether you are looking to order a re-supply of lamps, or assistance in determining the correct ballast, or maybe you have a long list of fixtures for your entire lighting system, Bay Lighting is your connection to Premier Lighting Solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Our pricing is competitive. How is it possible for a small lighting supplier to offer such pricing?

  • Manufacturer Relationships – our most popular items are purchased in bulk and stocked right in our warehouse
  • Rebates – we are one on a short list of suppliers, authorized by PEPCO, BGE, and DCSEU to sell many energy saving products at a discounted price
  • Member Consortium – we are members of a group of independent distributors which allows for big buying power and bulk pricing
  • Industry Standards – the lighting industry is shifting toward use of MSRP and IMAP pricing, keeping prices consistent among distributors
  • Attention to Detail – if one of our manufacturers is offering a pricing incentive, we pass along the savings. If tariffs are on the rise, impacting overseas pricing, we will keep you informed, as best we can, so you can make the most informed and timely purchase.
  • Consultation – Just as brighter lighting might be the priority to one customer, working with a lean budget might be top of mind for another. Our consultation phase will help us learn more about your budget and financial concerns. We are here to help you determine which product is best to complete first, as well as which product makes the most sense, from a financial and functional standpoint.

The majority of our customers have questions and appreciate the peace of mind of picking up the phone to talk to someone about their purchase. With so many choices when it comes to lighting, ordering online can be intimidating. With lighting prices more aligned between internet, storefront, and over the phone purchasing, our process is based on customer convenience and confidence.

Comprehensive Product and Manufacturer Selections

Whether you are contacting us with a simple light bulb order or something more intricate, our lighting specialists are prepared to assist. We can fulfill your comprehensive lighting order as part of your complete service package, as well as assist with stock orders. We know the industry, we know the products, and we partner with elite manufacturers to bring you the best.

  • Product Selection: One thing you can count on, no matter the complexity of the order, is quality. We continually vet new lighting products and manufacturers, attend national lighting fairs, and receive hands on product training in an effort to bring our customers premier products based on real experiences. So, if you are looking for a case of LED bulbs or fixtures for your stairwells, we will recommend our best, based on your needs, every time.
  • Spec Job: If your project is specific and already has materials specified, that’s ok, too. This doesn’t mean that we might not recommend a few options that we feel surpass what is specified but ultimately, we’ll share our knowledge, and the choice is up to you.

Next Day Delivery… and it’s FREE

As mentioned, many popular products are in stock right in our warehouse. We also receive shipments daily from our manufacturers. Every morning, our fleet of trucks head out on delivery to customers. As a valued customer, you will receive delivery as part of our service and at no extra charge. Similarly, these same drivers will pick up your recycling at the same time they deliver your new bulb order. Contact us to place your order and schedule a delivery today!

Warranty Administration

We carefully select our distributors based on a number of qualities. We are pleased with our elite manufacturers, their reliability, and product selection. Top products typically come with more substantial warranties which are passed along to the customer. Be sure to ask your Bay Lighting representative about product and service warranties for your next project.


For your convenience, orders can be placed in several ways. Keep in mind, if you are calling for a replacement order, it’s helpful to have a picture of your replacement fixture or packaging, or the product details, so we can find the best option for your needs.

  • Call us at 301-858-9494
  • Text us or send a picture message to 301-858-9494
  • Email us
  • Contact your sales representative directly, as applicable.

If your project is a turn-key project, your sales representative will be involved from the start and can walk you through the process.