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Exterior Fixture and Photocell Upgrade

Exterior Fixture and Photocell Upgrade

Stoneridge Condominium

  • Multi-Family
  • Pikesville, Maryland

Product At-A-Glance

Intermatic Electronic Photocontrol

  • Stem and Swivel Mount
  • Non-Drift Silicon Light Sensor with IR Filter
  • DC Relay with Zero-Crossing Circuitry for Extended Life
  • 15-Year Design Life
  • 8-Year Limited Warranty
  • Exceeds 10,000 On/Off Switching Cycles

Additional Spec Sheets

Residential Realty Group is a personalized community management company that offers various services to match a client’s needs. Their experience and approach to property management focuses on client success.

The Opportunity

Residential Realty Group recognized the need for updated wall sconces and controls at the entrance areas to the buildings at the Stoneridge Condominium complex. The goal for this project was purely aesthetics and lighting is an important component to keeping a property looking it’s best. Fresh, new light fixtures can make the difference.

Bay Lighting Solution

Outdoor wall sconces from Progress Lighting were selected for this project with lamps provided by SATCO. Bay Lighting also ensured that new photocontrols were a match for the selected fixtures. A total of 14 wall sconces and controls were installed by Bay Lighting.

The Benefits

The end result included beautiful, aesthetically pleasing outdoor wall sconces with new, more sensitive photocell controls. Based on light levels, photo controls are an easy way to automatically have your outdoor lighting power on automatically. LED A19 lamps by SATCO qualified for an instant rebate, saving $77 on 14 bulbs.

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    Spring Hill building image on Bay Lighting website
    Wall Sconce P5849-20 by Progress Lighting

    Wall sconces were installed on either side of the entrance of all buildings at the complex.

    Galleon light image on Bay Lighting website
    Electronic Photocontrol EK4736S by Intermatic

    Photocell controls will turn lights on and off when the amount of light falls below a predetermined level.

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