Elevator Lobby
Airbus – Washington, DC

Bay Lighting selected strip lighting by JESCO for this project. A bright white up light was used to avoid direct light for visitors as they stepped off the elevator.

Featured Products: JESCO DL-AC-FLEX, DL-FLEX2-RGBW Down lighting selection was made to accommodate color changes. Traditionally, Airbus will use their blue corporate color for branding purposes. This strip tape is easily controllable by JESCO’s new RGBW controllers.

An international pioneer in the aerospace industry, Airbus is a worldwide leader in designing, manufacturing, and delivering aerospace products, services, and solutions to customers. Similarly, Bay Lighting is connecting customers to solutions in the lighting industry and after meeting with Airbus about their elevator lobby lighting issues, Bay Lighting assisted with:

  • Design-Build
  • Product Selection
  • Installation
  • Warranty Work

The outcome resulted in a more modern, brighter lobby, pleasing to all constituents.

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